What is a Door Viewer

What is a Door Viewer & How to Choose One?

We discuss the most advanced forms of security solutions for your house or any other property. Installing the best security systems and mechanisms may require an investment, but the value it offers is unimaginable.

Starting from a primary door lock to the most advanced surveillance systems, home security has come a long way. However, peepholes or door viewers that have existed for years still have their relevance.

What is a Door Viewer?

To define it in simple terms, a door viewer is a door fitting that offers you a wide-angle view of the other side of the door.

You do not have to open the door to check who is standing right outside your door. We know it by many names, which includes the peek-holes, the spyholes, or the door-hole.

A wide-angle lens resembling a fish-eye is fitted after drilling a small hole through the door.

You will be able to check who is outside without the need to open the door.

This will thus prevent intruders from forcefully entering the house by pushing the door as they would have to be opened otherwise.  

Things You Should Know About Peepholes

Should You be using a Digital Door Viewer?

Before burglars try their luck to enter the house, they often knock the door or ring the bell to check if someone is inside.

Making them aware that you are inside is the best way forward, but it won’t be a good idea to open the door and let them know instantly.

Digital Door viewers come in handy here. They are advanced forms of the traditional door viewers.

Connected to a large screen display, it allows you to carefully check using a screen than pressing the eye against the peephole.

Hence you get a more unobstructed live view of the person standing right outside the door.

Adding an extra layer to your home security, this technology is a full-proof system that secures you and your family.

What is the working mechanism of the Digital Door Viewers?

You get to choose from a wide range of digital door viewers. They come in different designs, sizes, and budgets. Speaking about the mechanism, all work in almost the same manner.

They are connected to a display screen through a wire. The moment someone is at the door, you need to press a button to activate the screen and see who’s outside.

Besides this common essential feature, several features come in as add-ons with different products. They include the option to pause or zoom the view.

Now, if a person is standing at a distance, the zoom feature will allow you to look closer and figure out. Some models also offer the functionality to record sessions and store them on a Micro-SD card.

This means that you will also be able to replay a specific session to check who was at the door and when. You get the option to remove the Micro-SD and transfer recordings on your laptop.

Some digital door viewers also come with night-vision technology to offer a clear picture even in low-light conditions such as this one.

Most products come with their own settings panel allowing you to customize the settings and angles as per your needs.

If you opt for products that come with a knocking sensor, they will automatically capture the image of a visitor the moment he/she knocks at your door.

Hence, if you are not at home, and someone was knocking at your door, you will be able to check the captured images and know.

Which are the most suitable places to Install your Door Viewers?

Although it is possible to install it at any door, most people will install it at the main entrance of their house.

However, we would advise you to install them at each door that gives access to outsiders to enter your home.

You never know who would prefer to bang in through which door. But you should make it a point to secure the main entrance of your house.

Is it always essential to Have a Door Viewer installed?

Now we won’t say that it’s mandatory to have a door viewer installed on your door, but its always a better idea. Instead of risking your security, it would be wise to practice good safety habits.

Hence, install it and start practicing a habit to use the door viewer on a regular basis. This way, you won’t end up opening the door instantly whenever the door alarm gets pressed.

You never know when you have an unwanted guest standing outside your house.

Selecting The Best Door Viewer

It is not rocket science when it comes to selecting the perfect door viewer for your house. Yes, there are features and prices that you would need to consider based on the requirements of your hose.

While the basic functionality remains the same, the following elements should always be considered while purchasing a door viewer.

Viewing Angles

The most crucial aspect of any door viewer is its viewing angles. While shortlisting your options, we would advise you to select only the products that offer at least 220-degree viewing angles.


The materials used to manufacture the door viewer has to be sturdy enough. First of all, you will be using it for years, and secondly, it will have to withstand different weather conditions throughout the year.

Also, the built should be strong enough to stay intact even if someone tries to break it. Preferable, the ones made using brass or stainless-steel are the perfect options.


Be it the traditional door viewers or the digital door viewers, make sure you double-check the product before making a purchase.

The image should be clear enough and not require you to strain your eyes.


The fact that every person inside the house would use these door viewers, they have to be simple enough.

Complicated products that require specific working-knowledge should always be avoided.

Children or elders in your house who are not tech-savvy might find it challenging to use them and stay safe.

Wrapping Up

Now we hope you have a good understanding of what is a door viewer and how to select one for your home keeping in mind all the points we have mentioned above. Let us know in the comment section below should you have any other queries. We would be more than happy to help you.

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