Ways to Secure Windows without Bars

The 10 Most Effective Ways to Secure Windows Without Bars

Statistics show that most burglars use the front door or unlocked windows to enter the house. You can improve your home security by reinforcing the windows and doors. There are various ways to make your windows burglar-proof.

Installing window bars is one such option. However, if you are not fond of bars, there are other ways too. Installing an alarm or installing security cameras are a few measures. Let us dig further and discuss ways to secure windows without bars.

Best Options To Secure The Windows Without Using Bars

1. Enhance home security using Window alarm

Window alarm- Ways to Secure Windows without Bars

Window alarms are a great burglar deterrent. They send notification alerts on your smartphone as soon as someone opens the window. Make sure to install a window alarm on every floor of your house, particularly the first-floor windows as they are the popular entry points of intruders.

Window locks solely cannot prevent your home from burglars; nevertheless, they are useful.

2. Strengthen the window glass by installing a security film


You can add extra protection by adding a security film on the window glass. The film is made from layers of polyester films fixed together using an adhesive. Security film prevents the glass from breaking when some pressure is applied. Instead of replacing the existing glass with the laminated glass, you can install a security film as this is an affordable way to secure the glass. Make sure you use the best quality security films as not every film meets the best quality standards.

3. Consider installing the best quality window locks

window locks

Most windows have a pre-installed locking system, but they are not up to mark, and intruders can easily bypass. Equipping your home windows with qualified locks is mandatory if you are serious about home security. However, installing the best quality lock is useless if you forget to lock the windows. You get to choose from multiple options in the market, so select the one that suits your requirement.

4. Use Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors

As the name suggests, these devices detect motion and alert you with a loud alarm. Installing them on your windows enhances security as thieves may head back by hearing the loud alarm.

Moreover, the installation is simple as it does not require drilling holes. These sensors sense the motion and immediately sends alert to the control panel. A motion sensor traces the closing and opening of both doors and windows or movements that take place in its range. On average most products can detect movements with a range of 50-80 feet.

5. Improve Security by Using Laminated Glasses

Laminated Glasses

Standard window glasses are fragile and may break in single blow. For enhancing your home security replacing the existing glass on windows and doors with the laminated glass is recommended. Laminated glasses have two or more glasses that are stuck using vinyl interlayers. This prevents the glass from shattering, and chances of breaking reduces significantly.

Laminated glasses cannot be cut using a glass cutter. Hence burglars cannot cut them from outside which reduces the risk of intrusion to a great extent.

If they try to break the laminated glass window, they will give up quickly. Therefore, these glasses offer maximum protection than ordinary glass. Consult a professional so that glasses can be installed appropriately.

6. Security upgrade using Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights depend on movement, and they turn on and off accordingly. If someone comes in the range of these lights, they turn on. It is true that intruders hate lights because they can be easily spotted in bright lights. Motion sensor lights prevent nighttime burglaries. Make sure you install these lights in a way that makes it difficult for intruders to disable them.

You can consider installing a motion detector anywhere near the window that seems to be the most vulnerable point of entry.

Many motion detectors can be customized. There are multiple options available in the market, so make sure to choose the one that satisfies your requirement.

7. Make use of Glass break detectors

best glass break detector

These glass break detectors work the same as the motion detectors. They come equipped with a wireless sensor that alerts you whenever someone tries to force an entry through windows by breaking the glass.

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8. Install Security Camera

Security Camera

Installing a security camera allows you to record movements and images of the burglar entering your house. The footage stored through these cameras helps you identify the person involved in a burglary.

It is necessary not to leave any blind spot for an intruder. Moreover, it is better to install more than one security camera so that your entire property is under surveillance.

A single-camera makes the thieves cautious, and they become extra careful. Choose a hidden location to install the camera because burglars can target visible cameras.

9. Secure window with the thorny bushes

thorny plants near windows

Now this one is my favorite.

The thorny bushes act as a natural barrier and make the intruder think twice before breaking into your house.

They can be physically injured when trying to cross these thorny plants. Mature thorny plants work perfectly as a barrier. Moreover, they bloom in summers adding beauty to your window without costing you much. Isn’t that great?

Planting them strategically as a security measure makes them an effective burglar deterrent. Thorny bushes around the windows make it difficult for a burglar to enter your home.

However, it is necessary to take care of these plants and cut them periodically. Some popular home security plants include Blackberry, Euphorbia, Firethorn, Spanish Dagger, Porcupine Tomato, and Century plant.

Make Burglarproof window AC unit

Burglarproof window AC unit

Window air-conditioner units make your home a potential target for intruders. This allows easy access, and intruders may enter your house without any hassle.

Avoid installing a window AC, especially on the ground or first floor of your home. However, if you do have a window air conditioner, then don’t remove the unit from its place in winters.

Consider installing a unit with the screws on the window sash along with suitable brackets and braces for your unit.

These things will make it difficult to remove them from the outside. Braces and brackets keep the air-conditioner at the place and prevent them from being pushed out of the frame.


You can secure your windows by using the above-mentioned affordable suggestions. Apart from these security measures, you can use impact-resistant windows that are premium quality glass blocks. Consider using halogen lights as these bright lights give the impression that home is not vacant and make you aware that someone is approaching so that you can respond adequately. 

You can also reinforce windows using a durable window security screen in which the screen is steel coated, and the frame is reinforced. Using the window stopper prevents the opening of the window from outside.

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