Tiny House Made Easy

Tiny House Made Easy Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Tiny House Made Easy by Adam Ketcher has taken many dreamers by surprise. The way Adam repeatedly assures you about sharing his secret home building skills through his product can make anyone fall for it.

But does he belong to that “knowledgeable people” category that he claims himself to be throughout his sales copy? Or, Tiny House Made Easy is just another get-rich-quick scam that others fail to notice?

Before we hold our feet on any solid ground of conclusion, let’s understand how realistic this living big in a tiny house idea is from the point of view of a house owner like you.

Let’s go for an honest tiny house made easy review.

Shall we? 

What is the Guide “Tiny House Made Easy” is all about?

The Tiny house made easy program by Adam Ketcher explains how to build tiny houses with minimum effort. Building a modern tiny house requires a decent amount of knowledge and construction skills.

Most people attempting to build a tiny house on wheels or trailer or without the wheels often end up making expensive mistakes, further delaying the overall process.

This program is beautifully crafted to provide an in-depth insight into tiny houses. While building a tiny house, most people make common mistakes related to electricity, sewage, water facilities, zoning restrictions, and many more.

Such mistakes often end up costing them more. This guide explains how to build a tiny house by complying with standard construction procedures and avoid such cost-related disasters.

The valuable tips in this program can help users to construct a tiny house quickly and more efficiently. Apart from covering all the required tools, the guide also contains some bonus elements to enhance your overall building processes.

Let’s know the man behind this product better. 

Who is Adam Ketcher? 

Adam Ketcher

Adam Ketcher is the author of Tiny House Made Easy- a program for building a full-time inhabited tiny house with ease. In his 20 years’ experience, Adam Ketcher has successfully delivered over 300 tiny houses for his clients.

Now he wants to share his experience with others through this guide. 

Apart from serving as a leading authority on the Tiny House Construction Movement, the author also has a strong influence in the shipping container home industry. He also has received several opportunities for working as a consultant in top companies in this field.

Okay, that’s cool but what does a Tiny House mean actually? 

What are tiny houses?

Tiny houses are small-sized dwellings holding up to 50 m2 of space. They are made with a conscious choice for living a simple life focusing less on material possession.

In short, tiny houses are full-fledged inhabited dwellings that are self-sufficient, mobile-friendly, and cheaper to invest in.

What is the Tiny House Movement?

Tiny House Movement

Originated in the United States, the Tiny House Movement started as an answer to the collapsing economy that jolted the US’s housing market to its core. A crumbling economy along with the disaster of Hurricane Katrina forced many to become homeless.

Moreover, it was painstakingly hard for young people to purchase a house at that time. The need for having affordable housing amidst the financial crisis led some people to build their own small houses. This is how the whole concept of “The Tiny House Movement” started.

If you’re with us till now, let’s show you how this guide helps you build a tiny house without burning your pocket. 

9 Pain Points Addressed in This Guide

You must follow certain protocols while constructing a tiny house. Otherwise, it will only escalate your development cost and lead to fatal injuries.

Here’s the 9 major pain points that Adam saves you from through this guide-

1. Escalated Construction Budget 

Escalated Construction Budget

Constructing a tiny house is all about embracing minimalism, and conserving nature. This can be achieved without you having to pay heftily. Undoubtedly, you have to buy some new materials to complement your tiny house designs.

However, implementing a few new rules can actually help you save up to 20% of your money as well. This tiny house construction guide covers all the information you need.

2. Unnecessarily delay for not having the right tools 

To complete your construction process successfully, you need to purchase some essential tools. These unique tools can help you make an incredible tiny house at minimum cost. The Tiny House Made Easy Guide includes every detail about these materials.

It also tells you how you can get these materials at a low price. With this fabulous guide in your hand, you can gain extensive knowledge about these tools. The tools will cost only a few dollars but it will surely help you save hundreds of dollars on the way.

3. Unsecured House Perimeter

Unsecured house perimeter

In this step, the guide tells you what to do next after gathering the required materials. This part of the guide explains everything in detail about how to set up the walls of your tiny house. The tiny house made easy program features well-curated frame building techniques that are unknown to even most professional tiny house builders.

It is explained in lucid language so that anyone can understand and follow them accurately.

4. Weak yet costly foundation 

This guide also tells you how to set up a foundation economically and save up to 30% of the total construction costs.

Isn’t that great?

Of all the total costs incurred while developing a tiny house, a significant chunk goes into setting up the foundation. But you will be surprised to see how a small change in your strategies can considerably lower your bills.

You can find more details on that in the Tiny House Made Easy guide.

5. Incapacitated By Harsh Weather

Everyone wants a house that provides shelter as well as safety during harsh weather. However, building a strong tiny house can be tricky that only a handful of people can achieve

Since you may be traveling places, you have to construct a tiny house that can survive traveling through tough roads as well. Just so you know, a simple breakage can cost you a fortune.

But Adam will share some simple tricks to help you increase the strength and sturdiness of your tiny house with ease. Learning these tricks can save you from a lot of troubles that may arise in the future.

6. Failure to set up a greywater system

greywater system

Having a stable gray water system keeps your compound clean and green. It enhances your surroundings by discarding your waste products and disposing of them properly. On top of that, you will be able to recycle your used water back to your landscape as well.

Since it reduces your overall water costs, you can use the amount saved to fulfil other needs of your home.

7. Need of expensive cooling system

cooling system

Living in limited space has its disadvantages, especially during summer. To avoid the scorching heat of summer, you need to learn how to build a heat-reflecting roof.

In this guide, Adam Ketcher explained how to construct a weather-friendly roof to complement your tiny house living. By learning these tips, you can avoid wasting money on purchasing expensive cooling systems.

8. Failure to keep inside warm in winter 

Not only summers but the winters can be challenging for a tiny house. To keep your room warm, you have to use heating systems that further increase your utility bill.

This program describes all the alternative and cost-effective methods that you can use to keep your house at a balanced temperature. It not only saves you money but also safeguards your inconvenience caused by harsh winters.

9. House Full of Holes  

Wiring a tiny house is quite different than wiring a conventional home. You cannot dig holes to install wires and accessories.

This guide will help you to prevent faulty wiring methods while minimizing your maintenance costs.

Some Bonus Construction Tips and Tricks for Your Tiny House

1. Choosing the best floor plan

best floor plan

Having a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics and interior decorations. Adam Ketcher has included an array of planning and construction information for you.

The tiny house made easy guide contains an outstanding amount of quality floor plans to choose from.

2. Buy containers at a cheaper price

Buying a container locally can be overly expensive. Unless you have all the information, you may end up paying almost thrice the price. In this guide, the author features a bonus section explaining the easiest and cheapest way to ship containers.

3. Generate your own electricity 

When you are traveling all the time, you hardly have the convenience to book for electricity or pay the bills. Plus, the price of electricity often differs as per the region of your stay. In this program, you will learn how to generate your own electricity and eliminate your dependence on the power grid.

4. Selecting the best trailer

Selecting the best trailer

For building a tiny house, you need to have the right kind of trailer. Finding a good quality trailer can be a hassle, as you have to consider several factors. Therefore, the author has included a bonus section explaining how to select the best trailer for your tiny house.

5. Living a self-sufficient life

The program contains some of the best DIY processes to grow your own food. From choosing the right plants to gardening to preparing composts, the tiny house made easy guides for an organic and affordable living.

6. Lifetime updates and customer support

Upon purchasing this program, you will be receiving instant updates about upcoming projects and construction ideas. Besides, if you have a query, you can personally contact the author for reliable feedbacks.

What Makes Tiny House Made Easy Program Better than Others?

The program is supported by Click Bank. It is a trusted institution with more than six-million clients worldwide. With the motto to ensure customer satisfaction, Click Bank has manifested itself as the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

Limitation of the system

The tool is only accessible on the official website. You can download the program from third-party websites. To access the tool, you need to have a decent internet connection and a modern device.


Is the Tiny House Made Easy a scam?

The whole program will cost you only $47. For instance, if a small tip from the guide prevents you from making a mistake, then your money is recovered. If you check out any tiny house made easy review, you will know that the program is purchased and adored worldwide.

What if I don’t like the program?

You can always return the program at full money-back guarantee within 60 days of your purchase.

Whom can I contact for questions and advice?

Once you own this program, you are a permanent member of the Tiny House Made Easy team. You can directly interact with Adam Ketcher, address your queries, or can call him while constructing your house.

End Thoughts

That’s it guys! You can trust Adam Ketcher to help you build your cost-effective and minimalistic tiny home, like his 300 other happy clients did. Feel free to share your experience with this product to help others in dilemma whether to skip or go for it. Cheers!  

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