Secure Your Garage From Thieves

13 Best Practical Tips to Secure Your Garage From Thieves

For burglars, home garage is one of the best invading points, and thus it becomes crucial to secure the parking. The doors of the garage can be broken easily, and burglars can enter your garage without hurdle.

Apart from using sturdy materials to make the garage doors, you have to need to install the best locks. Additionally, measures like installing a security camera at the entrance or alarms should also help in securing the doors in a much better manner.

There are several ways in which you can ensure that the garage doors are secured. Some tips on how to secure your garage from thieves have been discussed below. 

Tips for Securing Your Garage from Thieves

You can follow the below-given tips for securing your garage from thieves. Let us look at the details.

1. Have Door Devils Installed

Door Devils - Secure Your Garage From Thieves

Door devils can be used when there are side doors in your garage. All you need to do is to screw the door stops within the ground and secure the doors. The door devils can be installed on exterior doors for more security. 

2. Make use of Window Film

Frosted windows

The first thing that burglars do is that they peek into the garage, so it is recommended to use spray paint and make the windows frosted.

Along with giving some privacy, it also offers shade to the windows.

Adding curtains to the windows of your garage adds to the privacy and protects it from prying eyes. Open windows allow everyone to peek inside and knowing the valuable belongings present there. 

3. Install a Garage Door Opener

Despite keeping the garage door opener in the car, keep it within the house. Invading your vehicle is easy for burglars, and they can use the door opener present in it.

Make it a habit of bringing the door opener inside your house. You can attach the keychain with the opener, and if you want to keep the door opener inside the car.  

4. Use Motion Sensing Security Floodlight

Motion sensing lights

No burglar would want to be in the spotlight, that is where these security floodlights come into the picture.

Security floodlights, essentially, are one of the most effective measures to secure the garage doors from thieves because these lights detect any motion within the range, and alert you when there is any motion detected.

You can install one of these in front of garage doors to make them burglar-proof.

5. Install a Wireless Alarm System – Door Sensor

An alarm system is one more effective way to secure your garage from thieves. It basically triggers an alarm whenever it detects any movement.

They are easy to install and you can install them on your own.

6. Use Strong Garage Doors

It’s really important to have strong doors installed in your garage. The doors that are made up of hardwood or metal, secure your garage from burglars. Make sure to change the doors that are not so strong so that burglars cannot enter the garage. 

7. Install a Security Camera – A must

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a security camera installed, not only in your garage but in your home as well. It’s like someone’s watching over your house on your behalf.

We have varieties of security cameras in the market now ranging from wireless to wired to battery operated. Some even come with two-way audio, that you can use to warn the burglars who are lurking around.

Thus, get a security camera that fits your need and have them installed in front of your garage.

8. Insulation on Doors

Insulation on Doors

You should treat the doors equally, whether it is an interior garage door or the exterior one. There should be thick insulation on the doors so that burglars cannot enter quickly inside the garage.

The heavy-duty deadbolt mechanism helps in preventing the burglar’s entry. There should be a peephole on the interior door with well-security so that you are aware when anybody breaches the garage. 

9. Use Rolling Door Technology

Use Rolling Door Technology

Avoid using the lift mechanism with remote control in your garage because it is found that burglars can use the universal remote for opening it. Instead of this, you can use rolling door technology.

In this technology, once you have lifted the door with the remote, a new code generates. This offers security and upgrades your garage against burglars. 

10. Security Timers

Ensure installing the security timers at the doors of your garage, which help you remember closing the garage door even if you are absent-minded. 

11. Regularly Maintain

Take care of your garage door. Maintain it regularly because burglars can breach the rusting hinges and bolts quickly. 

12. Garage Doors Security locks  

Garage Doors Security locks

The locks at the garage doors should be adequately maintained to prevent the entry of thieves. Most of the garages have a service door that is used to enter the garage without opening the exterior doors.

Every garage has a door that opens into the home. The doors should be proper because doors with small screws and weak locks can hold the latches but are very weak. 

You should use the lock reinforce in which the doorknob has a metal plate fitting. The metal plate distributes the force of the kicks or battering ram around the wood, making it harder to kick by the burglars

Paint the security locks the same as that of the garage doors, so they blend easily, and thieves cannot easily distinguish the security lock separately.

13. Few more ways – Bonus Tips

You can also consider other various other things to secure your security door, such as:

Easy to Control

There are many advanced home security systems available in the market. These home security systems come with exciting features. So you can install a home security system of your choice, which you can easily control from your smartphone. 

Offers More Control Options

Install the security system that allows controlling the lift of the garage door. This will help you manage the garage doors even you are far from home.

Opaque Windows

To hide the belongings, present in your garage, you should add blinds. The other way is to make the windows opaque that makes burglars impossible to peek and also makes the windows look attractive. 


Most garage entries can be prevented by adopting some actionable and straightforward measures. This starts with securing windows and side doors. The garage is one of the most straightforward entry points for intruders in all your property. The above mentioned tips in this article will help you in strengthening, improving, and enhancing the security of your garage and protect your valuable belongings from the thieves. 

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