Secure Home Without An Alarm

10 Most Effective Ways To Secure Home Without An Alarm

Securing your home with the most advanced and effective systems should be your utmost concern. Strong measures are needed for more robust home security, such as alarm systems, which have been used for decades.

However, they are not foolproof. There are advanced measures that can serve as better alternatives.

So, what can you do to secure your house without installing an alarm system? In this article, we will discuss some low-cost and excellent DIY style preventive measures that you can take to ensure the security of your home against intruders.

Home Security and its Significance

Home is where we seek peace of mind with comfortable living. The last thing which you would want is an intruder breaking in the house and stealing your valuables.

They may even hurt anyone coming in their way. Thus, home security should always be at the top of your priorities.

It is not difficult for burglars to find a weakness in the home defense system. Therefore installing an advanced security system at your house doesn’t mean it is fully burglarproof.

Do Alarm Systems Secure Your Home?  

An alarm system makes you feel secure and provides round the clock security. This is more comforting when you are away from home. However, some weaknesses do not make them ideal burglar deterrents.

  • Sometimes alarm triggers by itself, and in the meantime, your security company may inform the police department. In this case, police charges penalty for unnecessary calling.
  • The system is connected to the security company by a phone line. Intruders can cut the line before entering your home and terminate all the communications.
  • An alarm system is expensive, and some security companies charge fees on a daily or monthly basis adding a burden to your finances.

Also, burglar alarms can be stolen from the installation place. So, homeowners should also consider taking other security measures too.

With detailed research on how to secure your home without an alarm system, we will discuss various precautionary measures to protect your home from intruders.

How To Secure Home Without an Alarm?

1. Secure windows

Secure windows

Windows are the popular entry points for burglars. Not everyone remembers to lock the window when going outside, and this forgetfulness gives a bright chance to burglars to enter your home. Make sure to lock the windows every time you go out.

You should consider replacing weak windows with the new ones and install the best quality locks.

Place security film on the window glass or replace it with good quality laminated glass.  You can also use window alarms to add a layer of security.

2. Reinforce Doors

Weak doors cannot withstand criminal kick-ins, so if you are serious about home security, then reinforce all the doors, especially the front door. Replace inferior quality doors and locks.

Patio glass doors are vulnerable to forced attack, thus consider placing glass security film or replace it with laminated glasses.

Pay attention to the door jamb and hinges. Use three-inch-long screws for hinges and strike plates.

3. Install Deadbolts

Deadbolts prevent forced kick-ins, and you can install them along with existing knob locks.

Key in knob locks have a spring mechanism that retracts easily when some force is applied.

However, it is not the case with deadbolts that do not use spring.

There are different types of deadbolts wherein Single cylinder deadbolts are widely used. Digital deadbolts have a keypad, and they are battery operated.

Rim deadbolts have an added advantage as it locks the door automatically every time the door is closed, thus prevents you from the burden of locking up the door.

Mortise deadbolt is solid but weakens the door frame as it requires boring a large hole in the door. 

4. Use Secondary Locks

Quality of locks plays an important role when it comes to home security. However, a good quality lock is useless on a weak door. Make sure to reinforce the doors and then add a quality lock for double protection. You can use a strike plate with at least three-inch-long screws to strengthen the doors. Also, pay attention to the internal doors of your house because they are responsible for securing your valuables. Consider installing the best locks as this is the most cost-effective safety measures.

5. Consider installing Window bars

Window bars are commonly used in homes and commercial properties. These are iron or steel bars that cover the window.

It is among the most affordable ways to secure your home. These bars provide protection even if the window glass is broken. Secure all windows of your house with a security bar.

To ensure they last invest in swing away bars as they allow you to clean the window glass and are perfect for emergency egress.

Swing bars have a locking system, and you can open and close them from inside. Removable bars can be removed during the day or whenever you want.

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6. DIY House Traps

Homemade traps are also effective burglar deterrents, but you should not solely depend on them.

Use these traps, along with other security measures, for the best results.

i. Electric Fence

Intruders can see them while they approach your property but are unaware that a simple-looking fence on your property is electrified. Upon touching, they will experience an intense electric shock. In most cases, they will run away instantly.

ii. Planting thorny plants as a window guard

Thorny plants are natural intruder deterrents. Having a non-threatening appearance adds both beauty and protects anyone against intruders. Thorny shrubs around the windows prevent a burglar from entering your home. These plants have branches full of thorns that will result in acute pain when touched. 

iii. Tripwire

As the name suggests, this booby home trap is made of wire stretched to the ground and the alarm. The moment one touches the wire, it sounds an alarm. It is generally hidden in areas that are most likely to be used to enter the house by an intruder.

iv. Pits

Digging a pit on your property is an effective solution. Choose the location that you think can be utilized by a burglar to run away.

Dig a hole at that place, which is deep enough to make it difficult to climb out.

Cover the hole with a net and further place some sticks, leaves, and dirt so that it resembles the other areas.

7. Anti- Burglar Door Mats

anti- Burglar Door Mats

The Quote though. 😉

These Anti-theft door mats are one of the security measures that prevent your home from burglary even before it starts.

These mats are made of adhesive material, so it sticks hard on to the burglar’s feet while entering the house. They are durable and easy to clean.

8. Use TV Simulator Lights with Automatic Timers

TV Simulator Lights with Automatic timers play a vital role in preventing your house from burglary, especially when you are not present there.

These are available in different settings. Some timers are programmable to on/off the lights at specific intervals or randomly.

Settings are done in a way that does not look strange to burglars. These timers can be plugged into lamps and other devices too. Moreover, they are cost-effective.

9. Get a Guard Dog

Dogs do not allow strangers to enter the house. These four-legged creatures are the biggest enemy of the burglars.

Dogs quickly know when a stranger is there inside your property, and they bark to warn you. Thieves do not prefer entering homes with dogs as pets.

Big dogs are appropriate for home security, but it does not mean that smaller dogs won’t be handy.

Adequate training to your canine can teach them skills to protect your house.

10. Install Security Cameras

Best NVR Security Camera System

When it comes to home security, a surveillance camera is the foremost choice of many people.

Some might think it is an expensive solution, but you will be surprised to know that there are numerous cost-effective options as well.

These cameras record footage of the happenings that help to detect the criminals involved in the burglary. Some security cameras come with an in-built alarm system that sends a notification to the user as soon as something unusual is detected.

Security systems have psychological effects on criminals as they never want to get detected. This is the reason most avoid entering homes having security cameras. You must choose this excellent security solution with HD video quality and night vision. Buy indoor security cameras for in-house surveillance.

Modern security cameras also have two-way communication features enabling you to communicate using your smartphone.

It is recommended to use a security camera with a mobile application feature and cloud storage. These features will help you find the previous footage easily.

Final Words

An alarm system is an effective way to secure your home from burglaries. But it is essential to understand that home security is not about just installing an alarm.

If you are on a budget, then consider installing cost-effective security systems as small changes in existing settings can make a vast difference. You can adopt the safety measures mentioned above to protect your home against intruders.

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