Streaming Error On Your Ring Doorbell Camera? 5 Ways To Fix This

Nothing is more important than securing your property, so it only follows that you’ve invested in one of the best brands in the market—Ring doorbell cameras. Unfortunately, Ring cameras are not immune to technical issues, which is why you should be ready when errors, especially streaming errors, occur.

The Ring doorbell will provide you with many benefits if you can view the live streams. Not being able to view the live stream eradicates almost half of the benefits you could be getting with your Ring doorbell. 

Thankfully, there are ways to fix the errors on your Ring doorbell camera. We’ve gathered all the best methods for you, so follow this guide to make your Ring doorbell errors disappear!

Let’s get started!

Why Do I Have A Streaming Error On My Ring Doorbell Camera?

There are many reasons you’re experiencing a streaming error on your Ring doorbell camera. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Your WiFi router is having trouble connecting to the Internet. 
  • Your internet speed is too slow, especially at upload and download speeds. 
  • You’re experiencing a poor connection between the router and your Ring doorbell. 
  • Ring is currently carrying out a maintenance routine or updating its servers.

How To Fix The Streaming Error On Your Ring Doorbell Camera

Experiencing a streaming error on your Ring doorbell is nothing to worry about, and thankfully, there are ways to fix them. Here are some of the best methods to do so:

Examine The WiFi Connection On Your Ring Doorbell

Streaming errors on Ring Doorbell Cameras often occur due to a poor WiFi connection. These devices use various connectivity protocols, which means that you can have no problem connecting your smartphones or tablets to the camera but still be unable to stream using Live View due to WiFi problems.

There are many ways for you to check if your WiFi connection isn’t working. One way to examine it is to connect to your WiFi using your phone, tablet, or computer. If the internet is not working on any of your devices, then you’ve likely found the root of the Ring streaming error, which is a faulty WiFi connection.

You likely will have to troubleshoot your connection if this occurs. Sometimes, all you have to do is restart your WiFi router or reconnect your devices. However, in some cases, you will have to contact your internet provider to do something about the network issue.

On the other hand, if the internet is working fine on your other devices, this means that the problem is the connection between your Ring Video Doorbell and your home’s WiFi router. You will have to check the Ring camera’s connection to your WiFi by looking at the admin panel.

Ensure That Your Ring Camera’s Connection Speed Is Not Slow

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that the internet connection is interrupted or not working—it’s that the internet speed is too slow. Streaming errors can occur because Ring devices have a feature that stops their functions when they detect poor internet connectivity. If your WiFi is slow, then you likely will encounter a streaming error on the Live View.

The devices do this to prevent poor performance. Streaming with a slow internet connection would mean that you will only receive videos with substandard quality, and you might not be able to tell what’s going on. Instead of doing this, the device will just stop streaming videos until the network speed returns to normal.

One quick way to test your internet speed is by using your mobile device near the Ring camera and visiting network speed testing websites. It’s ideal to have an internet speed of at least 2 Mbps to be able to use the Live View feature smoothly.

You can move your WiFi router closer to your Ring Video Doorbell if you’ve detected slow network speeds in that area. Ring recommends that the router is never more than 30 feet away from the device. If the distance is greater than 30 feet, then you can expect network interruptions and slow internet speeds, which can cause a Ring camera streaming error.

Don’t Overlook The Wiring Of Your Ring Camera

Wiring issues are an often-overlooked source of issues for Ring Doorbell streaming errors. Although these devices are designed to be simple to install, many homeowners can fail to notice that the wiring may not be correct.

Even if you’ve followed all the instructions, it’s always best to check your device’s wiring anyway. You may have made a faulty connection or accidentally switched up the wires. These issues are common and can lead to a malfunctioning device and a streaming error on your Ring camera.

Because it can be easy to overlook these wiring issues, it’s best to let Ring’s official technicians install the devices. However, if you’re confident in your tech skills and knowledge, you can try to identify where the problem is coming from. Just make sure to take the proper safety precautions to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Reset The Ring Camera

If your Ring camera continues to say that an error occurred, perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics and simply reset the camera. This could likely be due to a setting you might have accidentally tapped into, causing a hidden issue to occur. If you’re unable to locate the source of the problem, consider performing a factory reset on the Ring camera. 

If you wish to reset your Ring camera, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the reset button, which is an orange button usually located at the back of the camera.
  2. Press down and hold for 15 seconds until the ring light begins to flash.
  3. Wait for the lights to stop flashing.
  4. Your Ring camera has been successfully reset!

Note: Remember that with a factory reset, all your saved settings and preferences will disappear. You will also lose all your data, so make sure to consider this method only as a last resort. Again, it’s completely irreversible!

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Ring Support

If everything else fails, it would be best to simply contact Ring support for help. You may be dealing with an internal issue with the device itself, meaning that no amount of troubleshooting will work. 

You’ll need to get in touch with Ring’s Customer Support, but be prepared to provide the following details. All of these will allow them to assist you better, ensuring that you arrive at a solution that works best for you:

  • Ring doorbell camera model name and number
  • All troubleshooting methods you’ve tried
  • Receipt and warranty card, if necessary

Conclusion On Troubleshooting The Ring Doorbell Camera Streaming Error

Your home’s security should always be your priority. While installing antivirus software, keypads, and other security features is necessary, investing in the best for your home security system is non-negotiable. In other words, having a Ring doorbell camera should be your top priority!

But like with most devices, going through problems like streaming errors is common. Thankfully, issues like these come with easy solutions, such as the methods listed above. There could simply be problems with your WiFi connection, or perhaps your speed connection is too slow. 

Wiring issues can also cause problems, as well as problems with the camera device itself. Whatever it may be, our solutions above are guaranteed to help you enjoy error-free streaming on your Ring doorbell. 

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the Ring company. In most cases, you will need a device replacement or a system overhaul. Just make sure to keep this guide in mind!

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