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12 Most Effective Ways to Improve Front Door Security

The front door of your house welcomes guests and sometimes unwanted visitors too. Most burglars enter your house using the front door, and this is because of some vulnerable door parts that make it weak.

So, it is necessary to strengthen the door to minimize the risk of break-ins. There are several measures that can help you to improve front door security. They are simple and require very little investment.

Here Are The Few Most Effective Ways to Improve Front Door Security

1. Consider installing Deadbolt


A deadbolt strengthens the doors and prevents forced entries. They are made of brass, steel, and bronze and fit deep inside the door frame. Install a deadbolt along with the existing lock for an additional layer of security. You can install a keyless deadbolt along with a keyless lock as they perfectly work together, giving a double layer of security.

Reinforce a good quality deadbolt that has an ANSI Grade1 or a UL 437 certification. ANSI Grading system describes the durability of these locks and the level of security provided by the locksets. ANSI grade 1 locks can resist ten strikes of 75 pounds of force. UL 437 certifies that deadbolt is of premium quality.

If your front door has a pre-installed deadbolt, then you should replace it with ANSI grade 1 or UL 437 deadbolt. Replacing an inferior quality deadbolt is the foremost step to reinforce the front door. Installing deadbolts do not require expertise, and they easily fit in all standard doors.

2. Use keyless door lock

keyless door lock

The Keyless biometric door locks are affordable and easy to install. They are screwed to the jamb of the deadbolt. Based on your specific requirements, budgets, and level of security needed, you can select among the various models offered in the market.  

3. Upgrade Deadbolt Strike Plate

A strike plate is a metal plate with holes attached to the jamb. When the door is closed, the bolts of the door extend to this metal plate. The heavy-duty strike plate reinforces the door and prevents forced entries. Never use a thin and low-quality plate or use the screws less than two and a half inches.

Most front doors already have a strike plate, but maybe their quality is not up to the mark. So, to make the front door stable and secure, it is necessary to replace the old ones with the best quality and heavy-duty strike plates. Although this adds an extra layer of protection, it is of no use if the door frame and hinges are weak.

4. Pay attention to Door jamb/ Frame and Hinges

i. Strengthen the Door Jamb/frame

Strengthening the door frame and hinges is a crucial step if you are serious about home security. It is necessary to focus on the vertical part of the frame known as a door jamb. It holds the door weight and makes it move quickly while other door components work properly.

Door jamb withstands forced front kick, so a door that is securely placed into a frame is durable. Adding the strong connecting material makes it hard to separate the door with a jamb and adds resistance against the direct and blunt force applied.

ii. Secure the Door Hinges

Secure Door Hinges

Hinges connect the jamb with the door. The doors that open inwards have inward-facing hinges. These doors easily resist forced attacks as intruders do not have access to these hinges.

Some doors have hinges on the exterior part of the door, so if these are of inferior quality, then intruders can easily separate the door from its hinges and break in the house.

In this case, door hinges can be strengthened by using corrugated pins, safety studs, and setscrews. It is somewhat tricky to work with the door hinges, so take help from professionals for better results.

5. Replace door chain with a strike plate lock

strike plate lock

There are different kinds of door chains available in the market. They are of a different design, but most of them are attached with a few screws that cannot tolerate forced kicks.

However, using long screws for installation of these door chains can make them durable to a certain extent, but you should not consider them as an effective security measure.

A strike plate lock is a better option to go with and gives you peace of mind. Sometimes we forget to close the door, and it is here when the strike plate plays a role.

It works as an anchor point and engages the deadbolt, thereby reinforcing the door frame and keep the door locked tightly.

6. Use Door Barricade

Door Barricade

Different door barricades are available in the market ranging from permanently installed to the deadbolt lock types.

You can find the door barricade in different colors, sizes, and materials.

They utilize the floor strength because the base plate is connected to the floor.

Locking the door requires a single motion of barrier as the base plate is stuck to the floor.

7. Use Security Film or Grille For Securing Door Glass

Grille for securing door glass

Some intruders are not afraid of making noise and may enter your home by breaking the door glass. For this reason, it is essential to safeguard the glass.

Patio doors are sliding glass doors and one of the favorite entry points for burglars.

So, make sure you secure the sliding glass door using a security film or replacing the existing glass with a tempered one.

Using this film is an affordable option than tampered glasses.

Good quality security film is cost-effective and adds a layer of protection. You can also consider installing a steel grille as they provide a better level of protection.

8. Door Bar For Security

Door bar

The door bar makes the front door kick-proof. It is a heavy-duty horizontal bar with two bolts connected in the door jamb.

Installing them is easy as you only need to place the bar on bolts and lift it to open the door. The only thing you must keep in mind before is that it should fit the door width. 

9. Choose a Solid Door

Solid Door

Hollow doors are fragile and cannot withstand the criminal kicks.

So, it is vital to choose a solid door made from good quality material such as solid wood.

If your front door is hollow, then replace the door as soon as possible. Such doors are very tough to break-in. But they should be well-mounted and fitted with superior quality locks. Even if they try to break-in, it would make considerable noise which would alarm you and your neighbors.

10. Use advanced technology for home protection

Technological advancements have provided a lot of options in terms of home security. These are easy to use and affordable too.

i. Security Camera

Intruders don’t like to be detected, and they hate security cameras.

A security camera stores footage that can help to identify the person involved in crime. These are effective burglar deterrents.

ii. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

We don’t want to welcome the burglars, but it is hard to know who is on the other side of the door. For this, you can install a video doorbell.

When someone rings the doorbell, the video feed will show the person standing outside.

iii. Motion sensing lights

Motion sensing lights

Motion sensing lights detect the movement and ring the alarm. These lights are perfect for installing on front and back doors.

It is better to install them at a height of 6 feet to 10 feet above the ground so it can cover the maximum activity area instead of focusing only on a particular point.  

11. Wide-Angle Peephole or Peephole Camera

Wide-Angle Peephole

Some thieves may try to enter your house by force than breaking-in. Hence, its important you know who is outside before opening the door.

You can protect yourself by installing a wide-angle peephole, even better install a peephole camera to check who is standing outside before you open the door.

A practical security solution allows you to screen people before they enter the house. It is a must-have device for the front door of your house.

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12. Install a Strike Box

strike box

Appearing like a metal box, the strike box is placed below the doorjamb. The purpose of installing a strike box is to provide added protection to the door to prevent the chances of any intrusion after breaking-in.

Select a strike plate offering maximum security and fitted available with long nuts. It would eventually increase the difficulty and time required for breaking the door.

Final Thought

When it comes to home security, the foremost step is to reinforce the front door of your house. The ideas mentioned above are suitable for keeping your home burglar-proof. Some minor changes to the front door can secure your family. You can also take advantage of technology to add extra layers of protection.

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