10 Best DIY Methods On How To Lock A Door With No Lock

People cannot simply think of leaving their house without locking their doors. 

However, there are times when you may not have a lock readily available with you. 

In such a scenario, you might wish to lock your bedroom or closet door without using keys. But is that even possible? 

Yes, it is.

Here are 10 ways on how to lock a door with no lock. Let’s get started.

Are DIY Door Locks Really Effective?

The remedies that we are about to discuss can be extremely helpful during tough times. 

When you don’t trust the credibility or security of your current apartment lock, you should take actions to secure your residence.

Generally, in these circumstances, the best solution would be to rekey, repair, or replace your loc. However, that’s not the only thing you can do to lock a door with no lock. 

There are alternative tactics you may deploy as well to secure your property. So, let us dive into our topic of discussion right away.

How To Lock A Door With No Lock

1. Use a Fork

You may repurpose a lock with household items for modest emergency circumstances. Make sure you have a fork that you don’t mind losing. It’s worth remembering that for this purpose, we prefer metallic forks over plastic ones.

  • Close the door and insert the fork into the key opening. Some forks fit perfectly, while others protrude excessively. 
  • Bend a couple of prongs if they’re too long. To bend the prongs, use pliers or a Swiss Army Knife. 
  • Break the handle off your fork and insert it between the prongs. 
  • The door lock is now secure. Pull the door towards the fork to check if it will stay open.

You can use a rubber band to keep the handle in place if it keeps slipping. However, this lock isn’t robust enough for the main entrance; it’s only good for internal doors.

Check out this video to get a visual on how this method works

2. Use a Door Stopper

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When you place a door stopper behind a door that opens from inside, it practically prevents anyone from opening the door, even when the doorknob is turned. 

When your door’s lock is damaged, using a doorstop can be a simple yet functional way to secure your residence. However, it’s worth noting that this strategy might not operate effectively on doors that open from outside. 

An intruder can easily break into your property by bypassing the doorstop. For added security, consider using some of the other methods that have been mentioned above and below.

3. Use a Door Wedge 

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A door wedge can be the ideal answer for quickly locking a door without a lock. It is a great way to keep the door shut. If you’re wondering how to use a wedge to lock your door, consider reading below:

  • Close the doors 
  • Place the wedge as close as possible to the door’s opening edge
  • Firmly place the wedge beneath the door. You may want to knock it down with a hammer to tighten its position.
  • If you have more wedges, repeat the process with them. Between the wedges, leave about a 12-inch gap

Check the door from outside to determine if the wedge needs to be pushed in a little more.

4. Use a Chair

You’ve watched this method in movies. Now it’s time to replicate this tactic in real-life. 

Chairs can prove to be the best choice for you to keep your doors locked. This is mainly because the top section of the chair can be tilted to fit beneath the doorknob while its feet are placed strong and tight against the floor. 

This simple mechanism puts pressure on the doors as well as the floor beneath the chair, making it impossible to open. The chair’s back can also prevent downward-opening door handles.

If the door can also be opened by turning the handle upwards, this method isn’t as useful. In this scenario, tying the lever handle with the chair using a rope or an elastic belt may also be a good idea to keep it from opening downwards or upwards.

5. Use Portable Locks

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Portable door locks can be an ideal option for tourists who do not have permanent lock-and-key solutions readily available at their disposal. 

A portable door lock, as the name implies, is developed to be used anytime and removed from the door as per your requirements. These locks are equipped with a metal claw. This claw is designed to fit on the doorknob’s bolt and it consists of a lock that prevents the door from being opened by fitting itself into the claw. 

These portable door locks, on the other hand, are ineffective when it comes to unlocking doors from outside. If you’re interested in learning more about the best portable door locks out there, check out this article we have on strike plate locks.

6. Door Jammer 

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If you are looking for a means to lock a door without a lock, a door jammer can be an excellent option. 

For starters, it reinforces the door, ensuring that no one may enter your home. In order to get the best results, make sure that you use the door jammer for gates that open from inside. Door jammers are significantly more convenient to employ. The best part is they are portable, so you can take them on a vacation with you.

7. Remove Your Door Handles

The handles on a door generally need to be pulled down to open it. Remove the handles from your door if it uses the same mechanism. This particular method will make it virtually impossible for intruders to break open your doors.

While totally removing the door handle might not be the ideal solution for keeping the entrance safe, it does make it more difficult for anyone trying to gain access to the house. The door cannot be opened in the traditional sense without a handle. However, anyone interested in adopting this method should keep in mind that the door mechanism may be rotated without a handle with enough effort and one or more homemade tools. 

This solution should be used in conjunction with another temporary door lock, such as a doorstop or even a barricade.

8. Use a Sock

It may sound really weird, but did you know that a sock may be used to temporarily lock your door? 

Use this method only in circumstances when you don’t have access to the other materials mentioned in this article. Again, this isn’t something you should do on a regular basis. It has the potential to cause catastrophic harm to the door hinges. 

Now, follow the steps we have mentioned below:

  • Get hold of socks that are thick and long, such as those fuzzy socks that keep your feet warm.
  • Prepare a door wedge simply by folding the sock.
  • Take the sock and place it on the top part of the door, where it opens and closes. Then slam the door shut. (Advice: Keep your fingers safe as they can get pinched in the door)
  • Simultaneously, pull the door and the sock to unlock the door. 

9. Use Security Barricades

how to lock a door with no lock
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Security bars can help guard against tremendous force, such as an assailant attempting to kick down a door or break it down with their shoulders. 

Depending on the brand, security barricades are made out of pairs of heavy-duty brackets that are fastened to the wall or door frame. The brackets are then filled with a heavy metal or wood bar that blocks the entire width of the door. 

When you need to use the door, you may raise the security bar up and out of the brackets, and then swiftly replace it with very little effort.

10. Strike Plate Lock 

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A strike plate lock is a simple yet effective gadget that can be put on the door frame to which it is attached. 

The strike plate lock is similar to a regular door chain. However, there is a small difference. The former contains a metallic loop that keeps the door from opening. This loop is generally slipped over the door handle. 

This strategy is more secure than using screws on the door’s back to prevent break-ins. Users can also employ the screw holes to add the strike plate lock, helping the door frame to prevent any damage. Also, it is worth mentioning that you must only invest in strike plate locks with the best reviews.

11. Use a Rope

This particular strategy is effective especially when your door lock is damaged or broken. 

Examine the area around the broken lock. You want something that is anchored to the ground and strong enough to support a lot of weight. 

A roofing beam, a pillar, or a stair banister, for example, can work just fine. Now all you need to do is get hold of a rope. Anything that resembles a rope, such as tightly braided rags, a cable, old extension cords, or a gate chain can all come in handy. 

Now follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tie one end of the ‘rope’ to the door handle or doorknob. 
  • Secure the other end around the pillar you’re supporting. 

If somebody tries to force the door open, the pillar will act as a homemade anchor, tightening the ‘rope’ and preventing the door from opening. This works nicely with outward-opening doors. 

This method is particularly beneficial for double doors because the knobs can be tied together.

However, the strength of your temporary lock is determined by your knot-tying ability. No matter how solid your anchor is, if your knots come loose, the door can be easily opened. To keep the ‘rope’ in place on metal chains and winching cords, use a big padlock or winch lock.

Let’s wind up

It is indeed crucial to keep your home safe from intruders. 

Things can get tricky when you lose a key or your door lock is damaged. It’s always better to be prepared for instances where just shutting the door isn’t an option.

It all boils down to using some technical DIY skills and adding a bit of creativity to the process. 

We believe that the methods and solutions we have discussed above will keep your door locked and safeguard your safety from intruders. 

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