Ring Guide: How Long Does A Ring Doorbell Battery Take To Charge?

Many homeowners today are high on the need for portable and wireless devices that are functional for home security while adding a good touch to the home’s aesthetics. One of the more popular home security devices nowadays is the Ring Video Doorbell. These gadgets are convenient because there are battery-powered models that are easy to install and do not have to be hardwired. 

However, it’s best to note that a Ring doorbell battery will not work while charging. Because of this, it would be a boon to know how long it takes to recharge it and how to prolong its battery life. Below are some know-hows when you have a battery-powered Ring doorbell. Let’s get right to it!

When Should You Charge Your Ring Doorbell Battery?

When your Ring app notifies you that the battery is getting low, it is your cue to charge your Ring Doorbell, which is a really simple process. 

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You can check how much percentage it still has left by opening up the said app on your phone. The battery level can be viewed in the upper-right corner. It would be helpful to note as well that the battery may deplete faster if the Ring constantly captures a huge amount of motion events. 

How Do You Charge Your Ring Battery?

You will need to remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket in order to plug the micro-USB charging cable into its back. To know how long you still need to keep it plugged, check how much of the circle light is already filled in. 

Meanwhile, you should remove the battery from the device and plug the charging cable directly into the battery to power up the quick-release Ring battery pack. The small red and green lights on the battery front will light up once the device is charging. 

How Long Does A Ring Battery Take To Charge?

There are different factors that could help dictate the exact time a Ring battery needs to fully recharge. This includes the battery and home temperature, battery life left, adapter amperage, and whether the Ring batter is completely dead. The last factor requires a longer charging time compared to when it is still around 20% battery. 

Note that the Ring quick-charge battery takes around five to ten hours charging time to be full once more. Meanwhile, the Ring’s non-removable lithium battery takes around four to 12 hours to fully charge.

It would help to charge your Ring battery before its percentage drops below 30% for a quicker charging time. You may notice that the Ring battery could be charging more slowly in cold temperatures since lithium batteries don’t hold power well in such weather. Because of this, it would be best to charge it on a warmer day. 

How To Know When Your Ring Battery Is Fully Charged

Again, you can always check the battery percentage through the Ring mobile app. The light indicator in the charger showcases the battery charging state. You will know that the original Ring Video Doorbell battery is fully charged once the circle is all blue. On the other hand, the indication that the quick-release Ring battery pack is charged when the green light finally appears. 

How Long Can A Ring Battery Last?

The Ring company usually claims that its battery can last for around six to 12 months under “normal use,” but there are reviews that battery life actually varied between three to four months upon using it first-hand. However, it is best to note that your device’s battery life is mainly dependent on various factors such as the wifi connection and weather conditions, among others.

Zeroing in on usage, the motion detector of the Ring Doorbell gets activated during prompts such as forwarding alerts, video recording, and the like. Other activities like using the intercom or Live View also consume high power. Therefore, using all these features takes a toll on the battery. 

The climate, on the other hand, impacts the lithium polymer batteries when the device is operating under cold temperatures below 36°F (4°C). Under these conditions, the battery becomes less effective. Note that the battery may stop functioning altogether at -5°F (-20°C). Similarly, the device’s battery life can be shortened if exposed to high temperatures. 

Needless to say, the Ring Video Doorbell would work best if it is linked to a strong internet connection. It should be noted, however, that it will try to transmit at a higher power if it tries to constantly connect to a weak Wi-Fi signal. These conditions will often lead to an increase in battery consumption. 

Can You Charge Your Ring Device With A Solar Panel?

Yes, it is possible to charge your Ring device with a solar panel even though there are other options such as through a power adapter or a hardwired transformer. Should you encounter a halt in charging through a solar panel, it may not be getting enough light.

Not getting enough light is a common problem among solar panel systems, and one reason for this may be the accumulation of dirt and debris. Because of this, it is necessary to clean the solar panel regularly. You can also contact the Ring Support team in case you would require further assistance. 

Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Ring Doorbell Battery

Since you already know the causes that can decrease battery life, be proactive in avoiding those situations to prolong it. Some of the legitimate ways you can do this include reducing the live feed feature usage since using it for too long can drain the battery significantly. Try to limit the usage of this feature as much as possible. 

It’s best to check your internet connection as well so that you can ensure that the Ring doorbell obtains optimum Wi-Fi performance. It would help to place your wifi router near the doorbell as well as purchase Wi-Fi signal boosters. 

There is also a way to fine-tune the motion detection system of your Ring Video Doorbell by adjusting the motion settings to a lower sensitivity. You would just need to change the motion frequency and disable some motion zones, among others as you see fit. 

Moreover, it is recommended to only charge the battery when it is low on power which could help fix the Ring Doorbell stuck in the boot loop. Different studies which are proven not to be a scam say that charging a battery when it is relatively full can decrease the battery life, so always be mindful of this moving forward. 

Apart from the abovementioned tips, you can opt to avoid the battery as well by handwriting it to either a low voltage transformer or a power outlet. Getting an indoor adapter might also be more convenient for you. Since extreme climates negatively impact battery life, you should bring the device inside the house to charge it using a USB cable in case the battery runs out because of such a condition.


These are some of the know-hows when managing a RIng Doorbell battery. It might be tricky to get the hang of it at first, but it would be worth it to understand how it works to maximize its usage. Remember that Ring batteries have two types which are the non-removable lithium battery and the others being battery-powered utilize a quick-release lithium battery pack which we have also briefly discussed. 

There is no need to worry a ton when your Ring battery gets low because you will be notified through your Ring app or email. Note that it would be best to charge it after receiving the notification. This is because you might end up redoing the registration and the set-up process in the app. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the service provider should you need further support. All the best with your Ring Doorbell battery management!

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