hide a security camera in a window

12 Effective Ways Hide a Security Camera In a Window

Security cameras are no more a threat to elite intruders who knows how to get it hacked. No matter how well you position them, it is their primary task to bypass it with ease.

However, one skill that is hard to master is to notice where you have positioned them. And, one of the best positions is the backside of your window. But how to hide a security camera in a window when you will access them every now and then?

Can it stay stable there? Well, today we have answers to all those queries. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Do security cameras work behind a glass window?

Yes, but you have to make some specific adjustments. The cameras usually work fine during the daytime. However, at nighttime or in lowlights, the images often get washed out due to window glare or exposure by glass reflection.

How to hide a security camera in a window?

One of the most affordable ways to hide your security camera in a window is by playing with the colors. Buy a camera of the same color as your window and 90% of your goal is achieved.

But you may not always get lucky though. In case you find a quality camera with no ideal color option, buy some matching colored sticky tapes and mask your camera to make it invisible.

1. Hide camera as an outlet

You can buy hidden cameras that look exactly like a wall outlet thereby making them appear as a small hole instead of a camera. You can use the top plug to power your associated electrical devices.

Go for cameras that offer 1080p HD video footage and allows you to view recordings live through your smartphone. To avoid storage issue, go for the one those come with an SD card with a storage facility up to 128GB or more. Here’s the product that we recommend.

2. Put in inside a tissue box

hide camera in a tissue box

There are many ways to hide your camera inside a box and the cheaper way is to use a tissue box.

Arrange a sturdy tissue box and punch some holes into it to create paths for wires and the lens.

Make sure you correctly tape the camera inside, while keeping the lens in proportion to the hole.

Fill the box with some tissue papers so that it would not raise any suspicion from outside.

3. Turn window wall into a cabinet

Also, there is another way. You can hide it behind a window wall by using a cabinet. Wall cabinets are often used to store valuable articles safe from intruders.

They also come with high-end lock systems in order to make it impossible for anyone to tamper with wires or cameras present inside.

All you have to do is drill a bird-eye-sized hole in your wall and attach the camera inside of it.

However, you can only use wireless cameras inside the wall safe since drawing wires out of it is nearly impossible.

4. Use a decorative hanging case cover

A security camera hanging inside the room can cause insecurity amongst frequent normal visitors.

Also, when it hangs off the wall, it certainly kills your decoration. So, we suggest, you try some decorative case covers to hide your camera.

You can buy such covers online or offline such as this. They come in cute designs of sunflowers, artworks, and favorite cartoon characters as well.

A good quality case cover also comes with bendable rubber. You can easily slide your camera inside it and add some elements of décor to your house.

Not so ideal for intruders, but definitely works to keep an eye on kids.

For example- the sunflower case cover perfectly elevates the aura of your room. The lens of the camera will stay hidden in the center of the flower.

Maybe it won’t provide 100% disguise but it surely will serve its purpose.

5. Install the camera inside a Birdhouse

install the camera inside a bird house

A birdhouse is a viable place to hide your security cameras. Drill a small hole in the front of it to let the camera do its job well.

We recommend you to enclose the birdhouse with a case to add an extra layer to security from possible vandalism.

Also, go for battery-powered wireless security cameras if possible to easily hide the set up to fool unwanted intruders.

People also go for hybrid cameras with night vision and wide-angle view features to vividly monitor their environment.

If you don’t have time to frequently replace batteries in a month, go for a solar-powered system.

Once you’re finished with the installation, check its video quality, and adjust against any obstacles blocking your visual vision on the targeted area.

6. Use Window Frame to Hide the Camera

You can always hide your security camera behind the window frame provided the frame is wide enough.

Once you confirm the size, drill the frame, and mount your camera carefully. To hide your camera in plain sight, opt for a hidden spy camera that comes with a screw lens adapter.

7. Buy a Spy Camera or Mini Camera

Spy cameras have greatly evolved in terms of new add-ons in past few years. From USB drive to light bulb to mobile recharger, these cameras come in a surprisingly compact shape and design.

Apart from offering full disguise, they are also power-packed with all necessary features expected in any high-end camera.

They are powered with modern features like wifi, cloud-based storage, night vision, two-way communication, motion detection, remote view, and many more.

Unlike other cameras, you won’t have to go that extra length to install them. Since they come in the shape of daily used objects, you can simply store them anywhere and access video 24/7 feed from your smartphone.

Most spy cameras feature built-in microphones that allow you to hear clear audio around the camera as well as talkback with a visitor through your smartphone.

8. Hide the camera inside a plant pot

hide camera inside a plant pot

If you ask professionals about how to hide a security camera in a window, a few of them must give you this advice.

There are many ways to do it. For example, buy an octopus tripod stand and put it inside the pot.

Mount your camera to the tripod and hide the stand by with the stem of the plant around it. Rearrange the leaves to disguise any visible parts.

Put the pot near the window as a decorative element without drawing any suspicion.

9. Keep your camera out of sight

Intruders are more likely to discover your camera as long as it is in their line of sight. Therefore, you need to find a place to position your camera that will never come across in anyone’s view.

We recommend you hide the camera inside a mini bookshelf close to your window.

Place the set up as close as possible to the window and disguise it by embellishing the surrounding with similar décor.

10. Hide the camera behind a photo frame

You might be wondering about how to hide a security camera in a window through a photo frame.

Well, the easiest way to do it is to buy a photo picture frame with a built-in spy camera.

You can also do it manually by drilling a small hole in a wide-framed photo frame and install a mini camera inside it.

Then stick the photo frame on the window by facing it outward.

11. Fixes for hiding Infrared security cameras in a window

If you want to install an infrared security camera behind a window, make sure to disable IR and status lights during the night time.

Also, mount the camera close to your window so that any reflection or glare coming out of it will not hamper the quality of the video.

You can also use a suction cup mount to provide better stability and a broad range of motions to your camera.

12. Fixes for hiding motion sensors in a window

Motion sensors usually work in two ways- they either detect movements by measuring the changes in pixels or by sensing body heat and infrared energy (PIR motion sensor security camera). Then there are hybrid sensors that work both ways.

Now, if your camera’s motion sensor detects movement by measuring changes in pixels, then you will not be facing any problem installing them behind a window.

Meanwhile, PIR motion sensors often do not work through glass surfaces, especially in insulated ambiances.

To fix that issue, you have to install the camera outside the wall, window ledge, or hide them under a soffit.


You’re now all set to become a master of disguise. We hope these formulas will help you achieve invisible security set up the way you want.

However, if you know any extra tricks on how to hide a security camera in a window, do comment below. It will certainly help the community achieve its goal.

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