Why Your Alexa Echo Device Is Flashing A Green Light & How To Fix It

As smart homes become increasingly popular, devices are being reinvented constantly. One of the best ones in the market currently is the Alexa, a device designed to make our lives easier in so many ways. Uttering “Alexa” means you get to play music, turn off the lights, lock the fridge, and so much more without having to move. 

One of the device’s defining characteristics remains to be its ring light, which also comes with a  smart display. You already know that Alexa turns blue when it’s listening to your voice command, but what happens when it flashes green?

It’s trying to tell you something important, but a light color other than blue can be confusing. You may be afraid that the blinking or flashing green light could mean that your device is broken. It might also become bothersome, especially if it keeps glowing at night.

Thankfully, it’s not a cause of concern. We’re here to tell you what Alexa is trying to let you know.

What A Green Light On Your Echo Device Represents

Amazon Alexa makes our lives easier, which is why every part of the device has been designed for your convenience. Apart from blue, the device’s settings allow it to also glow in other different colors like orange, red, purple, and of course, green.

A green ring light indicates that you have an incoming call, but there are two variations of it. Pulsing green means that you have an incoming drop-in or call. A spinning green light, on the other hand, means that you have an active drop-in or call. Here’s a little bit more detail on the two variations:

What Does It Mean When Your Echo Dot Has A Pulsing Green Ring?

If you see a pulsing green light on your Amazon Echo, you are currently receiving a call. This could also mean that someone is dropping in for a call, and you can simply make the light disappear by speaking “Answer” to Alexa. Once you say “Answer”, you will be immediately connected to the caller. 

Thankfully, you don’t always have to answer each call, especially if the caller ID is unfamiliar. Keep in mind that your device will always display the name of the caller, so check before answering. If you wish to reject the call, simply tell Alexa to “Drop” the call. The incoming caller will automatically be rejected. 

If you’re away from home and someone tries to call you, the green light will still start pulsing. Since you’re unable to answer it, the light will eventually stop spinning after ten rings.

What Does It Mean When Your Echo Dot Has A Spinning Green Ring?

If your Alexa is spinning green light, it means that you are in an active call or drop-in. This will only show once you pick up a call, spinning clockwise as you speak to the caller. This will keep going as long as you are in the call, and once you hang up, the light will disappear.

However, keep in mind that a spinning green light can still persist even if you’re not in a call. When this happens, simply say, “Hang up!”

The Drop-In On Your Alexa Device And How To Use It 

The Drop-In is an advanced feature that allows you to customize call permissions. This essentially allows them to call via your Echo device, even if they do not have Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. 

However, you must ensure that they’re included in your Alexa contact list. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Go to the menu and tap “Communicate.”
  • Step 2: Choose “Drop-In” and provide Alexa the permission it needs to allow family members, friends, and other people in your contact list to reach you through the Echo device.

Once you’ve successfully customized your device, keep in mind that the green light will now appear when you have an incoming call. The same light will appear when you have an active drop-in, so long as you are currently connected with the caller. If you want to deactivate the Drop-In function, simply deny the permission through the menu option once more.

How To Turn Off The Green Light On Your Alexa Echo Dot Device

More often than not, you want to stay focused and away from unwarranted noises—and sudden light flashes. If you do not wish to be disturbed by Alexa’s green light function, consider the following options below:

  • Method 1: Use a command. You can perhaps say, “Alexa, do not disturb,” and the green light will turn off. You can also reject the phone call by saying, “Alexa, ignore.”
  • Method 2: Activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode. This can be only done through the Alexa App. Tap the three bars located on the top left corner and click on Settings > Device Settings > Do Not Disturb. You’ll be good to go!

What The Other Echo Dot Alert Lights Mean

As previously stated, Alexa also displays other colors apart from blue and green. These light features are part of what makes Alexa so useful in a smart home. That said, it’s also important to know exactly what each color means. Let’s decode each one:

  • Yellow, Orange, and Red Lights: When you see orange, this means that Alexa is attempting to connect to your WiFi network. A solid red means that your microphone is currently turned off and that Alexa will be unable to hear your commands. For the yellow light, you likely have messages in your inbox in need of checking.
  • White Light: When you see the light ring, you’ll also have access to the volume percentage. This is especially helpful when you manually turn the light ring on either the Echo Dot or Amazon Echo. Should the white light spin continuously, however, Alexa is currently on Away Mode.
  • Purple Light: A purple light could mean two things. If you encounter a spinning blue light that ends with a flash of people, it means that your Do Not Disturb mode is on. A pulsing purple light, on the other hand, means that you’ve encountered a problem during the WiFi setup.

The Takeaway

Having Alexa Echo as part of your smart home means utter convenience and luxury. You get to play music, answer calls, turn off lights, and even control the rest of your home security with just your voice. It’s a device that requires a significant amount of investment, so it’s also essential to remain well-informed about its different features to make sure you make it worth your while. Make sure to keep this guide in mind and enjoy Alexa’s company to the fullest!

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