The 10 Best Door Jammers and Bars In 2022

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There are lots of ways to protect your home from burglary, including installing sturdy doors, using high-quality padlocks, installing CCTVs, or installing smart doors with passwords. However, these security measures are likely to fail, more importantly, under the stress of a determined intruder. That said, you will be required to strengthen the security of your home, and that’s where a door jammer comes in.

Door jammers, also referred to as door security bars are devices that brace the doorknob and anchor to the floor. These devices provide a pushing force from the interior, making it difficult for criminals to push their way inside. As a result, these bars protect your home against forceful entry after breaking the padlock or tampering with the door access password to help reduce the chances of having a burglar have access inside your house.

Another benefit of these devices is their portable designs and easy-to-install nature, which makes them a great addition to offices, hotels, and other places where you need to beef up your security. That said, allow me to introduce you to the best door security bars on the market today. Also, we shall have a look at the tips that will help you settle for the best door jammers. Let’s begin by discussing why it is essential to install a door jammer.

Reasons To Get Door Jammers

1. Protect little fingers
One of the reasons to get a door jammer is to protect little fingers. Door jammers protect the door from closing too fast, which means that you don’t have to worry about it slamming into little fingers. Better, with a door jammer, you can protect your child from locking him or herself in the house.
2. Keep burglars out
Another obvious reason why you need a door jammer is to keep burglars out. With one, you do not have to worry about intruders forcing their way into the house since it can offer a force that will protect intruders from opening the door.
3. To keep the door open when you don’t want to open it often.
You might also want to take advantage of a doorstop when you want to evacuate people or save things from a burning house. A door jammer such as Wedge-It WEDGE-IT-1 Ultimate Door Stop can maintain the door open at 90-degrees to eliminate the need for opening it often or having someone holding it so that you can carry something into or out of the house. As a result, such a product is an excellent choice for movers and emergency personnel.

Understanding Various Door security Options

To reinforce the strength of the door and keep intruders out, there are several security options available for you. These include:

1. Door Jammer
Door jammers are devices commonly used to reinforce the security of the front door. Made using strong plastic or steel, they are durable and, therefore, uneasy to break. These products are placed on the floor at an angle that cinches to the doorknob. As a result, they can anchor to the floor and hold the door tightly so that an external force doesn’t defeat its strength. Considering that most door jammers are pressure mounted, they are a great choice for traveling.
2. Door security bar
While door jammers are vertically installed, door security bars are horizontally installed. These bars are often installed across the middle of the door, which means that they do not get into your way. Asides that, some of these bars are mounted using hardware with the rest adopting a pressure-mounting style.
3. Door Lock Reinforcer
As the name suggests, this is a device that reinforces the strength of an existing door lock. Door lock reinforcers are compact and, therefore, a portable door security option. While door security bars and door jammers work on most to almost all types of doors, door lock reinforcers are only compatible with several door locks, the reason you will want to ensure that your door lock is compatible before making a purchase.

Best Door Jammers and Security Bars

Heavy Duty Security Door Bar by SecuraDoor

best door jammer

Protect what matters to you most with SecuraDoor heavy-duty security door. Lightweight at only 3lbs, it is easy to carry and install. What’s more, it features a heavy-duty aluminum alloy and a durable thermoplastic elastomer. The advantage of this is a high-strength door jammer, five times stronger than the leading brands.

Another feature that makes this door stopper a perfect choice is the ability to install it easily. The reason is the adjustable design that allows it to fit on doorknobs with heights from 34″ to 48″. Also, the door stopper incorporates a rotating handle. The handle offers sufficient compression aimed at holding the door securely and against forced entry.

SecuraDoor heavy-duty security door is UL registered, and ISTA certified. As a result, it is an excellent choice for a durable and safe to use security door bar. Also, the door jammer includes a handle yoke. This feature allows for easy one-handed installation while protecting the hardware’s finish.

Equipped with a footplate that offers the highest level of adhesion, SecuraDoor heavy-duty security door is suitable when used on all types of floors, including hardwood, vinyl, carpets, tiles, and concrete. Furthermore, the footplate provides maximum surface contact without seeming overly bulky after installation.

Technical Specifications
  • Lightweight at 3.2pounds.
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and satin Anodized Aluminum.
  • Color: satin anodized gunmetal gray with medium gray accents
  • Pros 

    • The compact design makes it easy to store and carry.
    • Easy to install.
    • Lightweight and sturdy.
    • Bottom rubber support provides a superior grip.
    • The security door bar adjusts to fit different door handle heights.


    • Door jammer slides on tiled floors.
    • It takes some time to adjust the height.

    Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

    Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

    Does your definition of the best door jammer mean a door security bar intended for indoor use? If that’s the case, the Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar is a great choice. Easy to set up, it features a release button and prop-under doorknob. The benefit of this is the ability to adjust the length for easy set up on different doors.

    What’s more, the security bar integrates a removable top doorknob jam. You can remove the doorknob jam so that you can use it in sliding door applications. Made using heavy-duty 20-gauge steel, you can get this product when looking for a durable door jammer.

    Besides that, the door security bar features a compact size. This results in a security bar that is easy to store and carry, which makes it a great traveling companion, more importantly, when you are looking for the best door security bar for use in hotels.

    You can expect this bar to fit most standard-size doors and sliding patio doors. The reason is the adjustable height ranging from 27.5″ to 42″.  Also, the bar features a pivoting ball joint and padded foot. The ball joint offers full contact with the floor, while the padded foot offers a strong grip to the floor without scratching.

    Technical Specifications
  • The bar is adjustable from 27.5” to 42”.
  • 20-gauge steel construction.
  • Pros 

    • Rubber bottom offers a stable grip without scratching.
    • A removable head makes it suitable when used with sliding doors.
    • Pivoting foot ensures full contact with the floor.
    • Adjustable length offers a perfect fit with most sliding and hinged doors.


    • Limited color choice options.

    On Guard Security Door Brace

    Next, we have the On Guard Security Door Brace. It is a durable door brace that offers an additional layer of protection to protect you from break-ins. Drill the floor mount to your floor and easily insert or remove the door brace as and when you need to secure your door. The product comes with all the screws you will need and can be installed within 10 minutes.

    Also, it is versatile and designed to work with most household doors. It can even be used for double doors as well. The door brace is made to withstand 3000 Lbs of violent force and guarantees strength and reliability.

    Technical Specifications
  • Withstands 3000 Lbs of violent force
  • Floor mount with removable brace
  • Pros 

    • Strong door brace.
    • Easy to install.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    • Requires some drilling.

    DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace

    DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace

    Introducing DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace, this door lock is suitable when you want to enjoy personal security wherever you are. Featuring a compact design, it measures 4.75″ x 2.75″ while it weighs 8ounces. As a result, you can pack it in a backpack, carry-on bag, or briefcase for taking on vacation, school, home, or office.

    Better, the door jammer is TSA-friendly. This offers a bonus point, further assuring you that it is one of the best security door jammers that is travel-friendly. Easy to set up, this product takes seconds to install and remove without the need for special tools or expertise.

    Also, it is versatile and designed to mount on different types of floorings. The reason is the innovative system of hinges, the ingenious configuration of angles, and the neoprene extension foot that anchors it firmly on tiled, carpeted, laminate, and wood floors.

    In the case of an emergency, you can remove the door jammer by incorporating the upward motion. Also, the door jammer is suitable when used with doors with high thresholds. The reason is the adjustable neoprene extension foot that requires 0.3″ of clearance.

    Technical Specifications
  • 8-ounces product weight.
  • 4.75″ x 2.75″ product dimension.
  • Pros 

    • Easy to install and remove.
    • Small and solid construction.
    • Adjustable design makes it suitable when used with doors at different heights.


    • Door jammer slides on carpeted floors.

    Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

    best door jammer

     Hinder criminals from pushing their way into your home with the help of Buddybar Door Jammer. Beautifully crafted using coated steel, this is one of the most durable door jammers on the market. The product weighs 8.2lbs. However, it is tested to withstand up to 2560lbs of force.

    What’s more, it features a 2″ x 4″ rubber-coated foot. The foot offers a secure grip on the floor without the risk of sliding on tiles, wood, carpet, vinyl, and concrete. You can expect the door jammer to fit most doorways, thanks to the adjustable design ranging from 36″ to 51″.

    Asides that, it sets up quickly. The reason is the ability to install in seconds with pressure and the steel teeth locking mechanism that eliminates the need for tools during installation. With a non-marring head made using solid steel coated with rubberized plastic, you can expect to have a strengthened door jammer that will bear the force posed upon it.

    Technical Specifications
  • The non-marring head features solid stainless steel with rubberized plastic.
  • Solid steel feet with rubber molding enhances stability.
  • Pros 

    • Solid construction.
    • Easy to set up and take down.
    • Base grips the floor sturdily.


    • Challenging to position correctly against the door handle.

    Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

    best door jammer

    Increase the sense of security in your home with the help of Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar. Durably constructed, it is made using high-strength 20-gauge steel. Also, the door security bar features a non-marring top yoke and pivoting padded foot. The top yoke protects the door from scratching while the padded foot offers a stable grip to prevent the bar from sliding on tiles, wood, vinyl, or carpeted floors.

    You can get the door security bar while looking for the best door jammer bar for use on hinged and sliding doors. The reason is the adjustable 25″ to 43′ height. Also, the door security bar is an excellent choice for traveling. This is because of the retractable design that allows you to fit it into backpacks for traveling.

    Technical Specifications
  • 2.3 pounds is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable height ranges from 25” to 43”.
  • 20-gauge steel material.
  • Pros 

    • Sturdy and easy to set up.
    • Durable material resists breakage and rusting.
    • The adjustable bar is compatible with most doors.


    • The feet slip on some floors.
    • Door jammer doesn’t fit in tight space. Item 3

    Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar (2pcs/set)

    security stick for doors

    Boost your home’s security using Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar. Designed as a dual-functionality door security bar, you can use it for added protection to decrease the chances of intruders entering your home. Also, the bar features a rugged construction. The reason is the 20-gauge steel body that withstands more than 350pounds of force.

    Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar can fit into spaces with a length between 23” and 40”. The reason is its forty adjustable-height settings. Also, the bar includes a pivoting ball joint. The joint angles it to any position for the maximum reinforcement.

    You can acquire this product as the best choice for a security stick for doors that is easy to mount. The reason is the scratch-resistant Y-connector designed to fit under the knob when installing it on hinged doors. Also, the Y-connector is removable using a locking pin for fast and easy installation on sliding doors.

    Technical Specifications
  • Adjustable length ranges from 23” to 40”.
  • 20-gauge steel body.
  • Door jammer withstands more than 350pounds of force.
  • Pros 

    • Door jammer adjusts easily.
    • It is easy to set up.
    • Large foot pad enhances stability.


    • Heavy, hence difficult to carry.

    Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer

    best door jammer bars

    Designed to keep your home, valuables, and loved ones protected, this is a 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer that exceeds the rigorous testing standards of durability. The door jammer features high-grade iron material. This material enhances strength while helping you to secure different types of doors, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and windows. What’s more, the door jammer features an angled rubber footing. The foot offers a secure contact and a firm grip on all types of floors without the risk of scratching them.

    You can use this product to secure hinged doors and sliding patio doors. The reason is that one piece includes interchangeable door caps, one with a maximum length up to 43.7″ for hinged doors and the other with a maximum length up to 39.25″ for sliding doors. Also, the door jammers rod features a telescoping design. You can adjust the rod’s height from 22.25″ to 43.7″ to help you benefit from convenience when you want to use it or keep it in storage.

    Besides using Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer to hold doors shut, you can use it to ensure that a sliding door will not budge. Also, the door jammer is an excellent choice for keeping windows open, thanks to the included window caps.

    Technical Specifications
  • 15 ports enhance adjustability, making it suitable for most windows and doors.
  • 1/16″ thick iron rod guarantees durability.
  • The door jammer withstands a 350pounds weight..
  • Pros 

    • Rugged rubber stopper prevents sliding of tiles, wood, and carpets.
    • Anti-skid rubber tips accommodate a wide range of sliding doors, doorknobs, and windows.
    • The door jammer is sturdy and easy to install.


    • It takes some strength while installing.

    Wedge-It WEDGE-IT-1 the Ultimate Door Stop

    best door jammer bars

    An excellent choice for a door jammer designed for use by emergency personnel is Wedge-It Ultimate Door Stop. Designed for fire departments, moving and delivery personnel, SWAT, housekeeping, ambulance personnel, or bomb squads, it is a lightweight and compact door stop that holds doors open to 90degrees.

    You can use the doorstop while placed at the top, hinge, or floor to ensure that it is out of your way while using it. With it, you can swing the door further open, but you can be sure to have it stay open at 90 degrees after swinging back. The door stop is made of Lexan plastic, assuring you that it is a virtually indestructible door jammer.

    Technical Specifications
  • Durable Lexan plastic materials.
  • The door stop keeps a door open at 90degrees.
  • Pros 

    • Easy to use.
    • Lightweight and compact design.
    • Bright and highly-visible lime green color.


    • Limited color choices.

    Ideal Security SK110W SK110 Patio Door Security Bar

    best door jammer

    As one of the best door jammers bars the Ideal Security SK110W SK110 is a patio door security bar that installs on most patio doors. The bar adjusts from 25.75″ to 47.5″. As such, you can install it fast without the need for cutting.

    Also, it mounts in the middle as opposed to the bottom of the door. The benefit of this is the ability to open the door without the need for bending. Equipped with a childproof anti-lift lock, the security bar can lock in place to keep children in and intruders out.

    What’s more, it is made using advanced lightweight and strong extruded aluminum to enhance durability. Because of the ability to adjust it, you can leave the patio door partially open to enhance ventilation while still locking it to keep intruders out.

    Technical Specifications
  • Adjustable length ranges from 25.75” to 47.5”.
  • Extruded aluminum enhances strength.
  • Pros 

    • The bar swings up and remains out of the way when not in use.
    • Easy to install and use.
    • It locks and unlocks smoothly.


    • Difficult-to-follow instructions.

    Factors that one should consider before buying jammers or security bars

    Given the 10 best products reviewed in this article, how do you get to select one product that will offer the best value for money? I would recommend that you consider these factors.

    Installation design

    Some door jammers are designed to be pressure-mounted while others require hardware for mounting. To make the best decision while paying attention to this factor, I would recommend that you determine whether you will be installing it temporarily or permanently.

    If you are planning to install the door jammer temporarily, opt for a pressure-mounted door jammer, which also works perfectly while looking for a door jammer for use in hotel rooms or rental property. On the other hand, opt for the hardware-mounted type if the door jammer is required for mounting into your home. Note that you may be required to hire a professional or drill when you opt for a hardware-mounted door jammer.

    Size of the door

    Doors are different, and this is based on the fact that their width and length measurements are different. You will find doors with widths from 30″ to 36″ and heights up to 80″. So, which security option is suitable for your door based on these features? Be sure to ensure that you get a security option based on the size and weight of the door, to avoid buying a door jammer while a door security bar would work better.

    Type of door

    Besides the size, you will want to consider the type of the door. Are we talking about a sliding or hinged door? Well, you should know that some door jammers are suited for patio sliding doors, other for hinged doors, while others can work on both types of doors. So, be sure to get the right product based on this.


    We all have different types of floors in our homes. Some are made using hardwood, concrete, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, or carpet. Note that door jammers are created uniquely, with some designed with feet that hold perfectly on slippery floors while others are made for non-slippery floors. So, avoid being a victim of buying a door jammer that can’t hold onto the floor by paying close attention to purchasing the best door jammer suitable for the floor in your home.

    Door jammer materials

    Well, well, well, you do not want to forget about the materials used to make the door jammer. In this case, I would recommend purchasing a door jammer made using durable metal such as sturdy steel. Moreover, be sure to get a door jammer that bears a lot of force to protect it from breaking after subjection to force. Do not forget to get a door jammer that doesn’t scratch the paint of your door too or one that will protect your floors from damage.


    As I had stated earlier, different doors are of different sizes, which means that you will want to get a door security bar with an adjustable length. Such bars eliminate the need for cutting the extra length during installation, which also makes them suitable when used on different types of doors. So, opt for a security bar with an adjustable length since it offers you a chance to use it with different kinds of doors, and therefore, a perfect travelling companion.


    Have you been a victim of a burglary that resulted after forceful door entry? If yes, this can surely be a nightmare, the reason you will want to fortify the security of your home with the best door jammer. Door jammers can stand up to brute force, making it difficult for intruders to push their way in.
    So, if you want to strengthen your home’s security, I would recommend that you buy either of the reviewed products given their reliable performances and the fact that they are built to withstand a lot of force and therefore useful in keeping burglars out. 

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