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The 10 Best Biometric Door Lock In 2023

With advancements in the smart door locks industry, the need for a lock and physical key has dropped sharply. A lot of new smart lock ideas have popped up for securing the front door in a much better way. Fingerprint door locks are known to be more secure, and it’s important to have complete information about smart locks a customer wishes to go for.

While some of the best fingerprint door lock companies provide an auto-lock feature, a lot of biometric security firms have introduced fingerprint scanners in the lock system industry. Since a lot of front door lock system companies are introducing high-security smart lock touch systems, it’s important to have an idea bout some of the best available door lock systems in the market.

Read on to know about options when it comes to a biometric lock for the front door or even other door locks.

What Are Biometric Locks?

Growing up, you might have watched one of those sci-fi films in which the door scans the antagonist’s face and then grants him access to his lair of evil.

By definition, biometric locks are those that grant or deny you permission based on the unique characteristics of the person trying to open it–just like in the movies. Well, that technology has finally taken off in the real world!

Biometric locks use the following methods to grant you permission:

  • Fingerprint
  • Retinal scan
  • Face recognition

The best thing about these locks is that you don’t have to carry a key around. The key is you, and it’s the only copy in the world. Some of these door locks are capable of storing up to 120 different fingerprints.

Of course, they also come with a mechanical key, just in case something goes wrong–or if you’ve got someone visiting you. Different brands offer different alternative options:

  • Mechanical key
  • Passcode

With biometric locks, the users can not only remotely lock their homes but also use voice control to enter the home. Say goodbye to getting locked out of the house, for you will always have the key!

Are biometric door locks secure?

Yes, biometric door locks are completely safe and secure.

Most people feel that fingerprint locks are the most secure of them all since fingerprints are unique to an individual and cannot be replicated.

The issue that most people have with face recognition door locks is that everything depends on the algorithm used.

If the algorithm used is faulty, the door may confuse one sister for another and open. This indicates how a fingerprint lock might provide entry to a wrong person amidst the amazing benefits it has to offer.

You get the idea, right?

With most biometric door locks, the only way that someone is getting in your house is either through the window or through a stolen spare key.

Here are some of the best key locks to consider when you’re looking for best biometric locks to purchase for your home or even a rental property.

Top 10 Best Biometric Door Locks Available In The Market

We scoured the market to the best, high-quality biometric locks. During the research, we went through several products and followed up with customers that have been using the locks for years.

From fingerprint scanning to mobile app friendliness, and smartphone compatibility, the following section is the result of our dedicated research.

1. Lockly Secure Plus Deadbolt Lock

Pin Genie Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

With over 20 patents issued globally, this Lockly door lock is one of the best biometric door locks available to choose from. The lock comes with a numeric keypad and a fingerprint scanner.

Constructed from stainless steel, heavy-duty zinc alloy, and high-impact plastic with scratch-resistant coating this door lock is built to last. The lock is perfectly designed to fail even the advanced break in techniques, a tresspasser might resort to.

Key Features

  • Works well with doors up to two inches in thickness
  • At-home mode allows you to disable the touchscreen from inside the house
  • Allows you to program six 8-digit codes for your guests or house help using digital keypad.
  • Lockly Secure Plus App allows you to unlock the door via your phone
  • Fingerprint and key unlock

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 99 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: 1 3⁄8”(35mm)-2’’ (50mm)
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Operating Temperature: -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
  • Methods of accessing: Numeric code, phone, fingerprint function, key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Fingerprint reader at the side
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Easy to set up
  • The app works with Android and iOS


  • Issues with reading the fingerprint when the hand is wet

2. Samsung Electronics SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Samsung Electronics SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric lock

When it comes to consumer electronics, Samsung is a brand everyone has heard of. The door lock comes with a digital touch screen numeric keypad and a fingerprint reader. It can program up to 100 fingerprints.

This may be one of the best fingerprint door locks on the market as it is also battery operated with emergency power! The automatic lock system also comes with a fire warning system, which is perfect.

Key Features

  • You can program up to 31 codes/RFID tags and 100 fingerprints
  • The battery-operated fingerprint lock system comes with an emergency power contact
  • Sleek and modern design
  •  High-quality construction and comes with mischief prevention technology
  • Intrusion alarm will be sounded if the door is forced open when locked

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 31 pin/RFID, 100 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: From 40mm to 80mm
  • Battery Life: 12 months
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Methods of accessing: Physical Key, RFID, PIN and fingerprint
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Extra security features
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Works with wet or greasy fingers
  • Locks door automatically


  • Takes a long time to install

3. UltraLoq U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad Electronic Door Lock

UltraLoq U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad Electronic Smart Deadbolt Door Lock

This six-in-one smart lock is one of the best biometric locks. With an anti-peep keypad, the smart lock ensures that no one can get access to your home! You can also unlock in using your fingerprint and it stores up to two prints per user.

The lock is extremely secure and convenient to use. It also supports micro USB for power supply during power outages.

Key Features

  • Can store up to 120 fingerprints and unlocks using a passcode, smartphone, mechanical key, auto-unlock, and shake to open
  • Anti-peep keypad ensures no one can guess your passcode which is an important feature considering the biometric aspect
  • You can grant access to people for specific dates and time using the mobile app for advanced home securi
  • Dual data encryption to ensure everything is safe and secure
  • Easy DIY installation with friendly mobile app

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 99 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: From 40mm to 80mm
  • Battery Life: 9 – 12 months
  • Operating Temperature: -10~60℃
  • Methods of accessing: Fingerprint, PIN, Smartphone App, Auto Unlock, key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Two backup physical keys
  • Lifted fingerprints can’t be used
  • Good build quality


  • Geofence unlocker is a hit and miss

4. Ultraloq UL3 BT

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

When you’re looking for the best fingerprint door locks, UL3 BT is definitely one of the smart locks you need to look into. The smart front door lock offers five-in-one keyless entry options to help ensure that you never get locked out of the house again.

You can use three AAA batteries to power up the lock which lasts up to one year making it one of the best biometric locks! The lock comes with advanced fingerprint identification technology and can store up to 95 fingerprints!

Key Features

  • The advanced fingerprint identification uses a waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-proof sensor to make unlocking less of a hassle
  • The anti-peep password ensures that snoopers don’t get what they want–access to your home
  • The iOS app comes with the knock and shakes to open feature 
  • You can check the log record on your smartphone app
  • Easy DIY installation

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 95 fingerprints and 95 codes
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/8″~1-3/4″
  • Battery Life: 9 months – 1 year
  • Operating Temperature: -31°F to 158°F
  • Methods of accessing: App, Fingerprint, Code, Knock to Open, Shake to Open, key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Works well between -31°F to 158°F
  • The fingerprint scanner works in all conditions
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Solid and well-built
  • The application is easy to use and very convenient


  • Low battery life

5. Ardwolf A60 Biometric Door Lock

Ardwolf Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

The Ardwolf A60 Biometric Fingerprint door lock is a top pick for various reasons. The lock comes with a built-in touch Live Semiconductor Sensor for fast entry and double verification for increased security.

Its ultra-sensitive fingerprint print sensor comes with 360-fingerprint recognition registers your fingerprint within 0.5 seconds. Plus, its low power alters feature sends you a notice when battery power drops below 4.6V.

Key Features

  • Anti-peep password protection adds an extra layer of safety 
  • Support nanny function allowing your guests to unlock the door for a limited time
  • Built-in software allows you to lock, manage and check up to 10000 unlocked records
  • Made from 100 percent high-frequency USA TI chip with copper gear transmission design for lifelong durability
  • It comes with ten years of anti-rust and anti-fading safety

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: Up to 200 User ids with 360-degree fingerprint recognition
  • Lock Shell Material:  Stainless Steel 304 
  • Battery Life: 12 months
  • Operating Temperature:  -22˚F (-30˚C) to 151˚F (66˚C)
  • Methods of access: Fingerprint/ Code/ Keys/ Double ID(2 Users) 
  • Power Source: Battery and power bank (via USB) in emergency 


  • Anti-peep Password – allow adding random digits before or after the real password
  • Micro USB port available for connection with a power bank
  • Low power alert 
  • Easy setup process


  • Fingerprint reader on the outside panel only, not both side

6. YRHAND Smart Lock With Handle

If security, durability, faster recognition speed, and accuracy are what you’re looking for in a smart lock, then the YRHAND smart lock is one of the best choices for you.

The lock comes with a traditional deadbolt with a modern biometric lock enabling you to unlock your door via your phone, fingerprint, password, physical card and key.

Key Features

  • Multiple unlocking methods, perfect for every member of the family who may have different needs. 
  • Create temporary codes for guests who are coming over on special occasions
  • Ability to amend settings to private mode that will allow only authorised admin users to access the lock
  • Anti-pry alarm to prevent theft

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: Unlimited
  • Door Thickness: Between 35 – 55mm       
  • Battery Life: 2 year
  • Item Weight: ‎3.98 pounds
  • Methods of access: Face, Fingerprint, Password, Mifare cards, Key, Phone App
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Emergency backup power
  • The biometric fingerprint sensor ensures 99 percent accuracy
  • Privacy Mode – disable the sound when opening the door when others are sleeping
  • Generate password from the mobile phone if you forget it
  • Activate unique temporary codes, allowing guests to enter and exit on special occasions


  • Batteries not included
  • Support remote access only from Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi
  • Requires seperate Gateway to pair with existing Smart Devices

7. Lockly Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock with Advanced 3D Fingerprint Reader

Lockly Keyless Entry Best biometric door lock

This high-quality lock is made of durable materials and works well with doors up to two inches in thickness. This is one of the best smart locks on the market.

You can monitor who has access to your home thanks to the history feature on the smart lock app. The lock uses four AA batteries which last up to nine months and also offer alternative power supply.

Key Features

  • The advanced secure keypad ensures randomly scrambles the numbers on the screen, making it impossible to guess the right passcode
  • You can unlock the door using your smartphone on your Android or iOS smartphone with the Bluetooth technology
  • Send instructions to your guests about the access code via text message
  • Nickel finish with a durable metal construction to ensure that your home or office is safe and secure
  • Know who has been to your house via the smartphone application

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 99 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: 1 3⁄8”(35mm)-2’’ (50mm)
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Operating Temperature: -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
  • Methods of access: Numeric code, phone, fingerprint, key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Easy to install, you don’t need the locksmith for this
  • Reliable fingerprint unlocking–even if there’s dust or grime on your hands
  • Remote access to friends and neighbors
  • Auto-lock feature is excellent
  • The batteries last up to a year


  • Needs to be away from direct sunlight as you may not be able to see the numbers on the screen due to the brightness

8. WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Keep your family and valuables safe using the WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint door lock. This door lock can store up to 200 fingerprints and is powered by a TI chip to easily manage users and to ensure accurate and fast unlocking.

The lock is extremely secure and features a 304 anti-corrosion stainless steel shell for longevity. It also allows you to set a temporary password for visitors eradicating the need to lock and unlock the door again and again!

Key Features

  • Uses three ways to unlock–fingerprint, backup key, and code
  • Offers long-time-open passage mode if you’re moving heaving objects or need to keep the door open for a while without having to lock and unlock it repeatedly.
  • For additional security, it offers a combination mode in which a combination of two ways of unlocking is required for access
  • The semiconductor fingerprint sensor is highly sensitive and has over 2000 fingerprint collection points for 0.5-second fingerprint collection
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime support to ensure full customer satisfaction

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 200 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: Between 1-1/5″ and 2-2/5″
  • Battery Life: up to 1 year
  • Operating Temperature: 5°F to 140°F
  • Methods of access: Fingerprint, code and backup key to easily re key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Made 100% in the United States and uses a TI chip
  • Premium quality fingerprint access cores for fast and easy entry
  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensors work better than optical fingerprint sensors
  • Operates under severe weather conditions
  • Anti-peep touchscreen password
  • Easy installation


  • False beep even if the door isn’t properly locked making it a downside

9. Narpult Fingerprint Smart Door Lock (Bluetooth)

Adorned with a lavish and sleek bronze design, the Narpult keyless entry door lock brings much more to the table than looks. The lock serves as a new-age Wi-Fi gateway, allowing you to control your door from anywhere and anytime through smart features like voice control via Alexa and google assistant.

You can also use your smartphone as a smart key to lock/unlock your deadbolt, enabling you to create multiple virtual keys for visitors. Users loved the key fob that is handy for elderly users who may have trouble with the biometric sensors.

Key Features

  • Stay Open Mode ends the hassle of needing to unlock your biometric door when you nip out to grab your mail and parcels
  • Excellent customer service to make installation and product use a breeze
  • It supports multiple unlocking systems such as smartphone, key fobs, fingerprint and IC Cards
  • The product comes with 4 fobs

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 99 fingerprints
  • Door thickness: 35mm-55mm
  • Installation Method: Drill into the door, APP configuration
  • Battery Life: Minimum one year
  • Methods of access: Fingerprint, App, Keypad Code, Fobs, Keys, Voice & Smart Hub Control (With Gateway)
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Enables remote access via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant
  • AA batteries (not included) offer a one-year battery life
  • Excellent customer support


  • Voice control system needs to be purchased separately
  • Initial configuration can be confusing however customer support is reliable enough to ease the installation process

10. Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock

This door lock from Samsung allows you to program up to 100 fingerprints and 11 user codes, making it one of the best smart locks on the market. The door lock comes with a child-proof interior handle and offers automatic locking.

What’s more, is that the construction of the lock is rigorously tested and for PSB fire. It comes with a fire detection sensor as well as an anti-tampering lockout.

Key Features

  • It features automatic unlocking and has a child-proof interior handle
  • The PSB fire-tested handle comes with a fire detection sensor as well as an anti-tampering lockout
  • Comes with an electronic mortise for added latch security and faster opening and closing
  • Comes with a low battery alert–the lock sounds an alarm after every unlocks as a reminder of low battery
  • Features a back-up 9V battery which powers the lock from the outside to ensure you don’t get locked out if the battery runs out

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Memory: 11 PIN, 100 fingerprints
  • Door Thickness: from 40mm to 80mm
  • Battery Life: up to 1 year
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Methods of access: Numeric code, fingerprint, backup key
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Quick, simple, and easy installation
  • Fire warning to ensure your safety
  • Double locking feature prevents the door from locking from the outside
  • Child and toddler-proof
  • Features double authentication


  • Makes a lot of noise

A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Biometric Door Lock with Fingerprint, Face and Retina Scanner

Modern times call for modern measures.

Over the years, a lot of things have changed, but the locks on our doors have remained the same! When was the last time you changed the locks? Or even thought about changing them at your place.

Smart locks are the thing of the future.

You won’t be able to go back to traditional locks after these.

Advantages of Using Biometric Door Locks

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages associated with using smart locks for your home and office.

You never have to use the keys again

No one likes carrying their keys in their pockets—they’re just so uncomfortable–but they’ve got to. And, on instances where you don’t carry them, you’ve successfully locked yourself out of the house again!

With smart locks, you’re the key and your unique fingerprint, face, or retina will give you access to your home.

You never have to worry about having the keys.

They offer additional security

Do you wish to have an additional layer of security at your home? Biometric locks such as the Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock require two passwords to allow access to your home. It could be a fingerprint and an access code, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones and valuables when you’re not around.

Temporary keys for visitors

Most of the biometric locks, such as the WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock allow you to create temporary keys for your visitors such as guests, staff, etc. to ensure your privacy. These keys expire after a certain amount of time, which means that they cannot be used after that.

You know who’s dropping by

Biometric locks such as the Ardwolf Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock on our list allow you to check who’s been over to your home via an app. This way, you know who has access to your place and who is a regular visitor.

Cell phone apps

Biometric smart locks are futuristic and help you do a handful of things such as:

  • Keep track of who’s been to your pace
  • Generate temporary keys
  • Remotely grant access to your home
  • Unlock the door via Bluetooth function or wi fi.

Of course, what the app can do also depends on the capabilities of the lock itself.

Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Biometric Door Lock

In this section of the blog post, we will go through a few things you need to consider when looking to buy a smart lock. Take a look.

The Type of Door

The kind of door lock you need to purchase depends on the type of door you would like to install the lock on.

Front and back door

Biometric smart door locks can be easily installed on the front and back doors of the house. Make sure to choose from left-handled and right-handed sets according to the swinging doors, and you’ll be good to go!

Suggested Read: Improve Front Door Security

Bedroom doors

Certain biometric doors are labeled “for interiors only” which you can use for your office or bedroom doors

Sliding doors

These are the easiest to break into, and there aren’t any good biometric locks for these kinds of doors available on the market

Garage doors

You can use front and back door biometric locks on the garage doors–they work perfectly fine

The Strength

What’s the point of having a lock that’s flimsy and won’t protect your family members or valuable?

A good biometric door lock is a product of solid construction and can take blunt force trauma. It doesn’t break or give easily–especially when people attempt to break in. Some locks even come with an intruder alert or an alarm that goes off if someone tries to force it open.

A fancy biometric door lock is of no use unless it is strong and durable.

Your Budget

The amount of money you can spend on the biometric door lock is also something you must consider. The best retina scanner door lock costs thousands of dollars and may not be the right pick for an average person.

The fancier a biometric door lock gets, the more it is bound to cost in terms of price. So, it is best to determine the amount of money you can spend on the door lock and look for one that fits your basic requirements.

Long Battery Life

A high-quality biometric door lock features a long battery life to ensure that that you don’t have to constantly worry about having to change the batteries. Most of these locks are powered by AA batteries which are easy to find on the market.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the lock comes with an alternative source of power supply–after all, you don’t want to be locked out of your home in case of a power outage!

Unlocking Mechanisms

If you have people coming in and out of your home–that may be the case if you have your place listed at Airbnb, or are running your business from home, you’d prefer getting something with multiple unlocking mechanisms.

Most biometric locks come with various options such as RFID entry tags, passcodes, fingerprints, etc.


In some cases, things go wrong after purchasing an item. The chances of that happening increase with electronic items. A good warranty helps you ensure that if anything goes wrong, you can ask the brand for a replacement or for help.

Brands like Samsung have an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service.

In Summary

Did we help you figure out the best biometric door lock for yourself?

We went through the best of the best door locks available on the market to give you the products that are high-quality, made of the best materials, easy to use, and easy to install with a low false rejection rate.

Some of these products have additional features like Bluetooth unlock, smartphone apps, etc. to provide more bang for your buck.

We found the Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock to be the best pick on the market as it is highly secure and comes with an advanced 3D fingerprint sensor that recognizes your print all the time–and, doesn’t work with lifted prints providing advanced security

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