BarxBuddy Review

BarxBuddy Review: Does it really work?

As a caretaker, it’s natural of you to get anxious about your dog’s unnecessary barking behavior.

So, when you heard about something promising, like Barxbuddy ultrasonic training device, you thought to review it before you make any mistake.

People often get mislead by its irresistible offers that read- “Get 50% off on your first order, plus free shipping.” But, is it worth paying $40 for an ultrasonic training tool for your dog?

We will discuss it in length throughout this blog. But before we go for the Barxbuddy review, it’s important to understand the reason behind your dog’s vocal behavior.

Is it normal, or your dog needs some special attention? Let’s start with the basics first. 

Why do dogs bark unnecessarily?

Why do dogs bark unnecessarily

Barking for dogs is what talking is for humans. It is completely normal and is even an indicator of the dog’s overall well-being.

Dogs bark so that they can express their feelings and emotions, and long-time pet parents can easily decipher what a bark can mean depending on the situation and surroundings.

However, excessive and unnecessary barking can create a nuisance. This is something even the oldest of dog parents fail to understand or control. 

Unnecessary or random dog barking could be a result of many possible reasons. Some of the most popular reasons are fear, territorialism, boredom, anger, unfamiliar sounds or smells, so on and so forth.

These are some of the innate traits all animals have, and no amount of training can get your dog rid of them. But in the case of canines, these traits can become a potential threat to other pets or humans.

Sometimes, if unnecessary barking is not controlled or stopped in time, it can trigger unwanted or even destructive behavior like tearing of clothes, shoes, couches or biting. 

Getting an unruly dog’s attention can also be a difficult task and time-consuming. This is why when a dog starts barking unnecessarily; it goes on for a while. Disturbed neighbors, crying infants, a messed up house, and your own mental disturbance are a few of the consequences of such barking behaviors.

But worry no more as BarxBuddy Training Device makes use of cutting-edge technology to help with your dogs’ unnecessary barking. 

How is the BarxBuddy Training device helpful? 

BarxBuddy Training device

As already mentioned, sometimes dogs get into the habit of barking just for barking’s sake. As long as your dog is not diagnosed with a medical condition, this unnecessary barking needs to be put to an end. The most efficient and effective way of doing so is by investing in an anti-barking device.

BarxBuddy Training device is popular among users, one such anti-barking tool that can also be used as a training device.

BarxBuddy, a handy device, produces a sound on a frequency only dogs can hear. Upon turning on the device, it will emit the sound, which can calm down the dogs and cease their barkings. 

BarxBuddy Review: Benefits of having BarxBuddy

1. Calms Your Dog

Calms your dog

Perhaps, the greatest benefit that the BarxBuddy has to offer is the calming effect it has on your dogs. If you feel that there is no apparent reason for your dog to bark at any given point in time, this device will be of great help. It only takes a couple of minutes for your dog to get accustomed to the sound and eventually respond to it. 

2. Altering Unacceptable Behaviors

unacceptable behaviors of dog

If your dog has serious behavioral issues that are difficult to manage, BarxBuddy is the way to go. Aggressive and fierce behaviors can be controlled to a great extent using this device, and you will be able to see the altered behavior in no time. 

3. Super safe on dogs

Super safe on dogs

As it only emits sound at 30 kHz frequency, it is barely powerful enough to hurt your pooch’s earbuds. The frequency of this sound is so high that it is inaudible to the human ear. And therefore, it cannot possibly hurt or harm anything or anyone. Apart from that, the device has been clinically tested and has been proven to have not a single side effect on dogs. 

5. Quick and effective

This device is engineered to show immediate effect. It is a quick activation device that acts way faster than a voice command and facilitates prompt results. BarxBuddy lets out its sound right away to get your dog to stop barking and get it under control. Apart from controlling bark issues, it can also help in correcting multiple behavioral issues like aggression, leash training, fecal training, and sitting.

6. Alerting your dog 

Another benefit that most people fail to recognize is that BarxBuddy can actually alert your dog. If you know that your dog is going to be in a situation where you want it to remain alert or focused, all you need to do is turn on the device. The sound from the device will draw the dog’s attention and hold it for as long as you do not turn the device off.

Features of BarxBuddy 

Features of BarxBuddy

BarxBuddy makes use of technology that is constantly updated and based on research. The device itself is the perfect example of innovation and science, but the features that it has to provide are also quite novel and unique even within the market of anti-barking devices. Some of these features are:

1. Portable Design 

The BarxBuddy borrows a compact design, which allows for it to be carried around easily, especially during walks or runs. The ON/OFF button is also strategically placed so that you can access it quickly. 

2. Ultrasonic Sound

The ultra-high frequency emitted by BarxBuddy is only audible to a dog’s ears. It can neither hurt dogs or other humans. It only draws your dog’s attention to the sound to calm him down. Since there is no chemical or physical contact between the device and the dog, it is completely safe to use.

3. LED Illumination

Equipped with an LED light, the device will divert your dog’s attention, making the dog notice the light from far away. You might not even have to use the ultrasonic sound if the light by itself can draw your pet’s attention. This LED lighting comes in very handy when it comes to training your pet.

4. Adjustable Collar

An adjustable neck strap that acts as a collar enables it to fit dogs of all sizes. You do not have to worry about your dog getting irritated by the collar. The collar is also powered by rechargeable batteries that are cost-efficient in the long run.

Despite offering so many advantages, the device comes under suspicion for using ultrasonic sound, which is debatable.

Let’s see how good or bad an ultrasonic sound could be for your dog. 

Is the ultrasonic sound good for dogs? 

Is the ultrasonic sound good for dogs

Humans cannot hear a high-frequency sound that is above 20,000 Hz. Dogs, on the other hand, have a remarkable sense of smell and auditory impulses. They can hear sounds as high as 50,000 Hz.

Ultrasonic sound is between 20 kHz to 10 Mhz, and many animals, including dogs, can hear it. These sound frequencies are not necessarily bad for dogs. But like all high-frequency sounds, long term exposure is not good at all.

Dogs maximize their hearing abilities with their mobile ears, and it is years of evolution that have rendered them good hearing abilities.

The use of ultrasonic sound has become very popular nowadays. However, you must buy the right frequency of the ultrasonic device. As they will be in frequent use, very high pitch noises can damage the dog’s auditory nerves.

The right frequency will give the desired outcome without any adverse effects. It can be very effective in reinforcing positive behavior. However, it can aggravate the issue even more. So you have to understand the right training mechanism while using an ultrasonic device on your pets first. 

If your dog is too old, then the ultrasonic sound might not have any effect on it at all. Their hearing abilities will vastly diminish, just like humans when they are older. So it won’t be effective in training older dogs.

However, with the right verbal commands, trying to understand the root cause of the issue, and some modification in your lifestyle, you can use the ultrasonic sounds in the initial stages of training your dog.

How to train your dog with BarxBuddy? 

train your dog with BarxBuddy

BarxBuddy is easy to use and gives you immediate feedback. It is a must-have training tool to instill good behavior in your dog. Here are a few simple steps in which you can simultaneously correct and teach your dog a better behavior.

Step 1

Barking is normal for dogs. It’s just like talking for us. If your dog shows aggressive behavior unnecessarily, then there must be an underlying issue. Remember, it’s the humans who are in charge of their behavior, so you need to check yourself first. If it starts behaving in a way that harms itself and others around it, you need to step up. Calmly move near them and never yell at them. It sends the wrong message.

Step 2

Stand in front of them and point the Barxbuddy at them

Stand in front of them and point the Barxbuddy at them. You have to be confident and do not hesitate as the dogs will sense something is wrong, and they will be more anxious. Then press the ON button on the device to emit the ultrasonic sound. This will distract it from any diversion and bring its full attention to your command.

Step 3

You should never crouch down to your dog’s behavior. It will try to dominate the situation but remember you have to be in charge at all times. You can take a step forward towards the dog. The dog may take a step back or remain there, but it will show that you are not afraid of its behavior and won’t tolerate it either.

Step 4

If your dog is stubborn and still persists in its aggressive behavior, then use the LED light to stimulate it visually. The ultrasonic light will automatically get distracted enough to see the situation doesn’t need him to behave uncontrollably anymore. As the BarxBuddy calms the dog, switch it off and let your dog relax a bit.

Step 5

reinforce positive behavior

Remember not just to stop bad behavior but reinforce positive behavior as well. Always praise your dog with attention, cuddles, extra playtime, or treats when they do something good. This will let the dog know what behavior makes you happy, and it will continue to do that.

As the BarxBuddy works independently and doesn’t need any chemical or physical aid from the dog, you can keep them at a convenient place. Keep it where the dog spends most of its time to use whenever you want.


Will this bother birds?

Birds have almost the same hearing range as humans. So they won’t be able to hear or affected by ultrasonic sounds as much as your dog would. You won’t be causing them any harm while training your dog with an ultrasonic device. They are not sensitive to ultrasonic sounds, especially from such a small device.

Is BarxBuddy legit?

Yes, BarxBuddy is very much legit. It produces an ultrasonic sound that has been in use for decades to train dogs. They will immediately stop their activities due to the high frequency and pay attention to you. This device can help you teach your dog good behavior and stop it from making any nuisance than potentially harming it.

What is the distance to a dog that it works?

The device can work effectively within a range of 12 to 18 meters (about 40 to 60 feet). It will also work if you are across a room with walls. However, it is better to use it only while training. Once your dog realizes it’s just distracting it, then it may not respond eventually. So, always rectify the mistake and teach your dog the right thing instead of just distracting.

Will this work on aggressive Dogs?

Your dog will be as good as you behave with it. Aggressive dogs tell a lot about the misbehavior and ignorance of their owners rather than their own misdemeanor. So always train, treat, and repeat to reinstate healthy behavior in your dogs. This is the only way you can successfully use an ultrasonic device like Barxbuddy to calm down an aggressive dog.


We hope our honest review of BarxBuddy will help you take the right action for your pooch. Let’s know your experience with the product- we will update our article based on more honest reviews from users to feed our readers’ right information. Cheers! 

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