Solved: What Does The FC Code Error Mean On Your ADT Alarm System?

You’ve likely invested in a state-of-the-art home security system to protect your home and loved ones as a homeowner. While expensive and worth your while, you’ll sometimes encounter complicated problems like FC errors. In fact, you may end up getting it frequently, as it’s a common issue among even the most innovative alarm systems.

FC codes usually appear when there’s an error in the system, particularly when it comes to ADT alarm systems. These codes can be difficult to decipher at times, and understanding what each means can be challenging, so clicking on the ADT alarm panel to fix the FC isn’t always advisable. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about learning all the codes. You don’t even have to be concerned about the alarm’s affected functions. These codes will not affect much, but it’s important to know how to properly clear the FC code on your ADT alarm. Doing so ensures that you don’t get any additional issues later on.

To help you get rid of the FC code error, we’ve scoured the internet and created this quick and easy guide for you. Without further ado, here’s how to solve it:

What Does The FC Code Mean?

What does the FC code stand for? It essentially means “failed to communicate.” Most of the time, people simply refer to it as FC comm fail. When this happens, the security system fails to properly communicate with the security company. 

Keep in mind that the error code may display differently on various panels, especially if your system has been designed with an alphanumeric keypad. 

What Causes The FC Code?

The system is also designed to communicate to the network using a phone line, and due to various factors, the connection isn’t always reliable. Some of the most common factors include the following:

  • The actual phone line has attained significant damage.
  • There is interference from various sources around the system.
  • The system is experiencing a poor connection.
  • There are problems with the actual equipment. 

How To Clear The FC Code From Your ADT Alarm System

Given the various issues that may end up triggering the FC error code, it’s important to begin by inspecting the phone line. You can start from where it plugs into the system. Most homeowners simply unplug and plug it back in, but you can also try other ways to clear the error. 

Consider the following steps below to check your system thoroughly: 

  • Step 1: Examine the wiring carefully. You may be dealing with damaged wires.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the phone line is working properly.
  • Step 3: Check if any wirings or connections are loose.
  • Step 4: Consider powering the main alarm unit off and then turning it back on.
  • Step 5: If you’re using a WiFi connection to support system function, check if your internet is stable.
  • Step 6: Many often overlook this step, but make sure that your bills are paid on time. The ADT alarm system must be paid monthly, and failure to do so could mean automatic disablement by the security company.

If you find your equipment damaged, whether worn out or burned, make sure to contact your ADT dealer immediately. You can usually have it replaced according to the conditions of the contract.

However, if no damage is visible, it’s best to contact the ADT company. They’ll send a technician to help solve the FC issue, but if not, they’ll help guide you properly. Again, this can be time-sensitive—it’s best to solve it as soon as possible to avoid more issues later on. 

How to Remove the FC Code on the ADT Safewatch Pro 3000

If you have an ADT Safewatch Pro 3000, you may need to follow different steps. Here’s how to reset your security code should an FC code arise:

  • Step 1: Enter your current security code on the control panel.
  • Step 2: After doing so, press “8” and then “02”.
  • Step 3: After that, you can now enter the new security code, but keep in mind that you need to enter it twice!
  • Step 4: You’ve now successfully reset your ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 and fixed the FC Code. 

Can You Prevent Your Alarm From Getting The FC Code?

As previously mentioned, FC codes are common alarm system problems. While not a cause for immediate concern, it’s important to address it as soon as you can. The best thing you can do is to figure out how to get rid of the FC code, which can usually be done by focusing on the phone line.

Knowing the factors listed above is crucial to fixing the error, as this will help you gauge whether you need to have the system repaired or replaced. While you can definitely DIY some solutions, it’s best to contact the ADT company to be sure.

Resetting The Panel: What To Know

If you can do it on your own, you may want to learn how to successfully reset the panel to clear the FC error code. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: enter the System Master Code using your keypad.
  • Step 2: After doing so, press “1”. This is the off button, which will help you fix the ADT error code FC.
  • Step 3: You will need to arm your alarm system again, but after this, you’ll find that the FC error will have disappeared. 

However, keep in mind that this method of clearing won’t always work with the panels. You will want to call on professional help, so don’t hesitate to call ADT customer service at (833) 238-3568. 

The Takeaway

In the age of innovation and technology, it only makes sense that you invest in your home’s protection. This means purchasing powerful devices that make up a comprehensive alarm system, but as with most things, it can’t always be perfect.

Even something as reliable as an ADT alarm system can suffer from FC code errors. Thankfully, there are ways to fix them, so there’s no need to resort to drastic measures. The next time your control panel displays an error, keep this guide in mind!

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