Solved: How To Stop My ADT System From Beeping (Low Battery Alarm)

If you have high regard for your home’s security, then you likely already have the ADT security system in place. The brand is a frontrunner in its field, as it has highly advanced devices with the software to match—you’ll be sure to keep your property safe. However, there are certain aspects of their gadgets that are less than intuitive, especially if you are not too tech-savvy.

One issue that many homeowners encounter is their ADT system’s beeping. Whether it’s beeping every 30 seconds or chirping for no apparent reason, it can be quite worrisome (and annoying) to hear these noises. 

So, how do you fix an ADT security system that keeps beeping? Worry not, because in this article, we will discuss several troubleshooting methods to help you figure out how to silence the alarms. Read on to learn how.

Why Is My ADT Alarm Beeping?

If your ADT system’s alarm is beeping, the most likely cause is that its battery is running low. You will know if your ADT security panel’s battery is low if the display shows a “low batt” sign.  Although the sound can be rather annoying, it’s a necessary feature that’s designed to help you keep your family and house safe. 

Security devices need power to run, so if the battery is low, your ADT system may not work as accurately as it should. As a result, your home’s security may be compromised if you have an unmonitored ADT alarm. So, if it begins to beep, it’s best for your safety (and your ears) to replace the battery right away.

Another reason that your ADT alarm is chirping could be power failure. The frequency of the beeps may be higher if the alarm is using the backup battery.

Some other reasons for an alarm that keeps beeping include tampered sensors, FC code errors, telephone line faults, and issues with the time and date. 

How To Silence Your ADT Alarm’s Beeping

An ADT alarm that keeps beeping is not only irritating, but ignoring it could mean you’re compromising your home’s security. 

If you want to silence this alarm, you can press the “OFF” button that you can find on the keypad of your alarm. Alternatively, you can also press the # button to turn it off.

You can view the ADT alarm system’s user manual if the aforementioned steps do not work. It should have specific instructions on how to silence the alarm.

After turning off your chirping ADT alarm, you should also take the necessary measures to ensure that it does not beep again. This could typically be done by recharging or replacing the battery of your device, which we will highlight below.

Recharge The Batteries Of Your ADT Panel

Most security panels run on batteries. If not, they could have backup batteries that supply them with power during outages. If these batteries run out of charge, then the alarm will start beeping, and you need to recharge them.

You can recharge the batteries of your ADT panel by following these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Find your ADT control panel, which is typically in the basement or utility room. Then, silence the beeping alarm by pressing the OFF or # button.
  • Step 2: Using a screwdriver, open the control panel and take out the battery from the circuit board. Then, charge the battery.
  • Step 3: After the battery is sufficiently charged, put it back on the circuit board and close the panel again. 
  • Step 4: Examine the ADT alarm keypad and ensure that the low battery notification is not there anymore. Note that it may take time for the panel to detect the charge.

If these steps do not work, you should contact professionals to help you out.

Check If The Batteries’ Life Span Has Run Out

Control panels, such as the ADT Safewatch Pro 3000, have specific battery models that can only last a certain period of time. Sometimes, no matter how long you charge the battery, it can still run out right away. This indicates that it has already reached the end of its life span.

You will need to replace old batteries with new ones when this happens. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Look for your ADT control panel, which is typically in the basement or utility room. Then, turn off the chirping alarm by pressing the OFF or # button.
  • Step 2: Open the control panel with a screwdriver. Then, take out the battery from the circuit board.
  • Step 3: Identify what type of battery your alarm system has. You will need to buy the same type of battery to ensure that it is compatible with your device.
  • Step 4: Once you ensure that you have bought the same type of battery as the old one, place the new battery in the circuit board. 
  • Step 5: Close the control panel with a screwdriver, then wait for the low battery notification to disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did My ADT Alarm Go Off For No Reason?

If your ADT fire alarm or smoke detector is beeping for no apparent reason, these are the likely causes:

  • Low battery
  • Dust or dirt buildup in the device
  • Steam or excess moisture in the air
  • Insects in the device
  • Smoke from the kitchen, fireplace, burnt food, or outdoors

After checking the batteries, you may have to inspect your devices to prevent false alarms from happening again. Also, if they are in places wherein they’re likely to cause false alarms. Place them a little further away from grills, fireplaces, showers, and humidifiers.

The same rules apply to an ADT carbon monoxide detector. Check the batteries and ensure that the device is not installed too close to stovetops and other fuel-burning appliances. 

If there’s a trouble light indicating “error” codes, it’s best to learn what the codes mean by checking your mobile app or contacting your manufacturer.

Can ADT Replace My Alarm System’s Batteries For Me?

If you need a replacement battery for your old ones, you can buy one from MyADT or other retailers. You’ll need to purchase from ADT to keep your warranty. You can look for a local supplier and find out more about your system’s battery information on their website.

Once you have your replacement battery, you can typically install it yourself. You may watch ADT’s video series covering this topic.

You can also contact their customer service at (800) 587-4198 for any concerns.

Will A Power Outage Affect My ADT System?

Your ADT system will typically have a backup battery to continue operating in the event of a power outage. However, if the backup battery runs low, your system will beep and display a low battery message.


Your ADT system could be beeping due to low battery and other issues. However, with the guide above, you now should know how to silence the alarm and replace your batteries to keep your system up and running.

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